ARC Elements of Chemistry: Capture (Hypothesis #3) by Penny Reid

CAPTURE: Elements of Chemistry (Hypothesis Series Book 3)


Elements of Chemistry: CAPTURE is the third part in a three part series; it is 70k words.


**Note: I did receive an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

Elements of Chemistry: Capture is the final section of the Elements of Chemistry story. Normally I would have waited to read all three sections at once, but Penny indicated she thought it would be better to read them as they come out so I did read them when I got them, which was a few weeks apart. Well...I think for me it would have been better to read them all in one go. In fact I really should go back and re-read them all at once now to see how I feel about the story overall. I thought part one, Attraction, was just okay and part two, Heat, was the amazing I wanted all along. Well since it has been so long since I read Heat part three was...kind of annoying for me. Okay really annoying for me. Kaitlyn was so frustrating. She is so stupid and naive in this book!! Even when someone else would point out what she is obviously missing she just wouldn't even listen. Argh she was annoying.

Elements of Chemistry: Capture was just a great big frustrating read for me. Pretty much from start to finish. It was just me being incredibly frustrated/annoyed with Kaitlyn. It was just like what is wrong with you?!? How can you not see the obvious?!?! Why can you not see what is going on, even when your friend points it out to you?? I know you are a bit socially awkward, but come on! You have grown and are not that same girl from Attraction. Like it is painfully obvious what is happening, and yet you are clueless? Really? Really. I was just incredibly annoyed with Kaitlyn for 95% of the story. She has to get seriously beaten over the head again and again with the obvious to get it. You have to spell it out for her in great detail with absolutely no room for a different interpretation a few times for her to understand. It was too much for me.

I really just lost it close to the end with the dinner scene. Not that a lot happens or anything, it was just like I am done. It was the final straw. I can't take you anymore Kaitlyn. I just couldn't believe she would be so oblivious/stupid/naive about everything. Her thinking of what is going on in that scene in particular? I didn't get it. It is like she regressed to a Kaitlyn from before even Attraction. She supposedly has grown and gotten more experience, but in Capture she is more naive and oblivious than she was when we first met her. She is more annoying than I found her at first which is not good. She was just way too frustrating for me to read.

So what of Martin? I liked him. I felt bad for him. I actually wished he could find someone else that is how annoying I found Kaitlyn. Really I just wanted him to be happy. Yes, he could have been more direct with Kaitlyn from the start, but he also is hesitant as he doesn't want to be hurt again. Still his intentions are so obvious. I just wanted things to work out for his sake. He has such a messed up family I want him to have something good. At least this was the last chapter so in the end he does end up happy, but man getting there? Difficult for me to read and enjoy. So now I think I will go back and read all the parts as a whole to see what I think overall. Maybe reading Heat and Capture together will make me like it more. Maybe all those good feelings I had for Kaitlyn after the second part will make it so I don't find her as annoying in Capture. We shall see. But read individually at least this did not work for me. Which makes me very sad. Especially since I love Penny and her other books so much. I just wish I would have loved this final chapter as much as I did the second one. Oh well, she is still one of my favorite authors.

Rating: ★ ★

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