Run (Charlotte Marshall Mysteries #1) by Becky Johnson

Run (Charlotte Marshall Mysteries Book 1)


A decades old mystery and a deadly game of cat and mouse will change Charlotte Marshall forever.
Charlotte has a good life: friends, family, a successful career. Her perfect life is destroyed when research for a book and a connection from her past plunges her into the middle of her worst nightmare. 

On the run, with no one to trust, Charlotte begins to unravel the work of a sadistic murderer. Afraid and alone, she will learn the meaning of trust and just when to run.


Run had an interesting idea, but the execution wasn't my favorite. It was entertaining, but could have been much better. I am not quite sure exactly why but the writing was just off for me. It didn't really make me as involved with the story as I should have, though I did enjoy it well enough.

Charlotte remembers seeing a news story when she was younger, and is reminded of that when she starts doing some research for a new book. She stumbles upon what looks like a serial killer that no one has noticed yet. Over the years girls have been abducted and killed and no one has made the connection between them until Charlotte.

When Charlotte gets all her information in order she goes to the FBI to turn it over to them. She expects that to be the end of her involvement, only that is only the beginning. Shortly thereafter someone tries to get her and she is forced to run.

I did enjoy reading about her on the run. I loved how she tried to be smart about it, moving around and trying to make it so no one could find her. She isn't sure who to trust so she doesn't trust anyone until she has to. She can only go so far by herself, and really some of the info she acquires I find hard to believe would be that easy to access. Some of it was a bit unrealistic, but it was still fun. I just wish the writing wouldn't have been so stagnant for me so I would have really gotten into the story.

The ending was a bit too easy in a way, but eh. That was fine as it was just a light read for me. There is an obvious glaring problem that they don't address, but I think that is being left for the second book. It was just odd that it didn't come up after everything went down. One thing I did like **slight spoiler ahead** was that Charlotte and Jack, the FBI agent she works with, don't end up in love at the end. A lot of times author will throw people together like this, but I was pleasantly surprised when this one did not. It wouldn't have made a lot of sense if they would have gotten together so I enjoyed that. So it was an alright read, not as amazing as it could have been, but fun.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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