Indiscretion: Volume Two by Elisabeth Grace

Indiscretion: Volume Two


Fraternizing with the competition? Check.

Risking everything I’d worked so hard for? Check.

Mind-shattering orgasms? Double check.

Max Richfield made me forget myself. Forget all the reasons why I'd chosen to be alone for so long. I had goals. I needed stability. He brought chaos. I’d taken years erecting my walls. And with good reason, I would soon discover.

Now my inability to see beyond Max’s charm could cost me everything.


Indiscretion:Volume 2 is a continuation of Max and Chloe's story. Max is in town for a few months for construction of a building for his fathers company. Chloe is working at the competition, but neither of them seems to care that the other is trying to sell places just like they are. They definitely can keep their work and personal lives separate.

Max and Chloe agreed to just have a sumer fling. They both want each other, both want the hot sexy time, but it will be nothing more. They continue getting closer and closer and it is obvious they both are starting to see this as not just a fling. They are good together, but when Chloe has to decide between her job and Max what will she do? This section ends on a bit of a cliffhanger just like the last. I can't wait to see what was so upsetting, what Chloe saw to make her storm right over to Max's. We shall see what happens in the next section.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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