A Rare Treat (Treats to Tempt You #3) by Serenity Woods

A Rare Treat (Treats to Tempt You Book 3)


A poignant yet sexy romance about learning to live and love again after grief. 

Elle Baker’s had enough of men telling her how to live her life. She loves her job at Treats to Tempt You, a chocolate, coffee, and ice cream shop in Doubtless Bay, New Zealand. But repeated issues with her overbearing father and arrogant ex have persuaded her it’s time for a fresh start, and she’s planning to move away to Wellington at the end of the month. 

When Stuart Casey’s childhood sweetheart lay dying, she made him swear to her that he’d never love another girl as long as he lived. So far, he’s kept his promise, even though he knows it was unfair of her to make such a demand. He’s only twenty-eight, and their marriage was hardly physical at the best of times. But how do you get back in the saddle when you’ve never even been on a horse? Stuart craves the happiness and affection he sees in his friends’ relationships, but he’s beginning to think he’s destined to be single and lonely. 

Then Elle makes him a surprise proposal. A long weekend away in a beach house with her—and she’s not expecting him to sleep on the couch. She says she wants to help him find his feet before he launches back into the world of dating. Desire fights with guilt, and desire wins. 

Elle’s offer isn’t completely altruistic—she fancies Stuart rotten, and is more than happy to spend a few days showing the gorgeous English teacher a few tricks of the trade to help him move on. But once she’s let the tiger out of his cage, it proves impossible to get him back in. And the new and improved Stuart isn’t going to let her go without a fight. 

Warning: an virgin hero learns a few tricks of the trade in this sexy romance. Also packs an emotional punch. Keep the tissues handy. Adults only.


A Rare Treat is the story of Elle and Stuart. Elle works with her friends at Treats to Tempt You and while she loves it she feels like she needs to get away and start over. Her ex, Oliver, is not a good person and keeps harassing her. Her father treats her terribly and she just needs a new start away from these people who are just not good for her.

Stuart married his high school sweetheart who died a few years ago. People keep telling him he should start to move on, but he doesn't know how. Even though he was married he does not have much experience in a physical sense and he has some dark secrets that make him feel like no one will love him. Throughout the story you find out the story with him and his wife and man. It just makes you realize how great of a person he is. He is a bit insecure, but he is working on it.

Stuart has been drawn to Elle since she started working at the confectionary shop. He stops by too often to see her, and it was just kind of cute. She likes him as well, but she realizes this is not a good time to start something serious since she is planning on moving away soon. When she gets to talking to Stuart about some of the reasons why he doesn't think he can start dating right now she decides to help him out. She offers him a weekend away with her where they can just explore each other and get Stuart back in the saddle again.

This book was much hotter than the prior books. Then again it almost has to be since sexy time is a main component of the story. It was so sweet and I loved Stuart and Elle together. They are just perfect for each other! I loved them so much! It was so sweet when they get their happily ever after. This was my favorite in this series thus far. Now I can't wait to read Caitlin's story!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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