Deviant (Blood & Roses #1) by Callie Hart

Deviant (Blood & Roses series Book 1)



I'm not proud of the things I've done.
The things I've had to do.
The things I've given away.
but I'd give it all over again to find her.
Even if I die trying, 
I have to find Alexis.


She wants me to help her,
But I won't.
She wants me to save her sister, 
But I can't. 
She wants me to be her hero, 
But I'm not a good man.
I am her damnation.


Deviant was a fun, hot, quick read. It is fairly short, but enjoyable. A lot of the story is sexy time, but I loved it! Phew was it hot! This is not the normal alpha male love story. This is so much more. I loved that Zeth was different from what I normally read. I loved that he would have let Sloane go at any point if she wanted to go. I loved how Zeth made it be her choice. Sloane could have walked away if she wanted, but she had to choose.  There are some books that have an alpha who is more like Zeth in terms of what they like, but they are usually not people I would actually want to know in real life. Like it might be hot, but not realistically good. Zeth though...yeah. He could be real and that would be fine with me.

There is not a lot to this first part of Sloane and Zeth's story. You are really just introduced to the characters and get a small taste of what is in store for you with this series. Sloane is trying to find her sister who has been kidnapped and she will do anything to save her. Anything, which is how Zeth and Sloane first meet. Phew, it was an interesting first chapter to their story. Not sure I would go to the lengths she does, well no I take that back I know I wouldn't, but it was great. After a meeting where Zeth does everything he can to make sure Sloane doesn't know who he is, there is a time jump. Sloane tries to build her life as a doctor and Zeth...well he continues on with his not so good ways. Ways that I love even if he is doing illegal things.

Things get really amazing when they meet back up again. Phew...that scene where she tries to get her phone back? Loved it! Zeth is amazing and he is so good for Sloane even if she doesn't want to think he is. I can't wait to continue their story!

Now even though I did really enjoy this read, there were a few slight issues. Mainly Sloane would occasionally use one of the other characters names before she knew their name. Like Zeth tried to keep his name secret from her, tried to make it so she couldn't find him. After talking to her friend about the mystery guy she thinks how all the secrets she has kept from her friend are Zeth related, not they are mystery guy related. At first I was like wait did I miss something? When did she learn his name? Well it is not until a few pages later that she learns that information so just took me out of the story when it happened. This happened a few times and every time I was like wait...did I miss something? But I didn't. It just wasn't consistent throughout the story. Even so I still enjoyed the story and cannot wait to read the next chapter.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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