Indiscretion: Volume Three by Elisabeth Grace

Indiscretion: Volume Three


A summer of f*ck buddies? Something to take the edge off? I was down.

But when Chloe shows up at my hotel door, wanting to rip my head off, rather than give me head—I cared. A lot. Too much, in fact.

This is turning into more. And I can’t do more.

Like the ink under my skin she’s becoming permanent. Enduring. Immovable. 

Was I ready to let her go though?

Not a f*cking chance.


I enjoyed the first two volumes of this series well enough, but Indiscretion:Volume 3 just added drama for no good reason. This section starts off right where the last ended, with what Chloe sees in the newspaper. Yeah it was not very good, but it is easily fixed. The more pressing issue is that Chloe's boss seems to be able to dictate who she can and cannot see outside of working hours. I don't like that, I wish Chloe could stand up to him for herself. He really shouldn't be able to fire her for having a relationship with Max just because he and Max's father have issues.

So this chapter didn't feel like it really added much to the story. Chloe and Max have to sneak around to be together so she doesn't lose her job, they have hot sex, someone is doing strange things that scare Chloe (another incident besides the breaking into her house from the end of the last section) and that is about it. Really most of the book is them sneaking around and having hot sex. Not much development between them, or development I believed. They had a few moments, but I honestly don't see the two of them falling in love like the author wants us to believe. Or I didn't see the relationship really progressing from the last section. Oh there was some drama at the end so this can end in a bit of a cliffhanger as well, but it was just not that believable. I mean it is obvious what happened. Why Chloe would believe anything else especially when she witnessed everything else prior to it? Why wouldn't she stay and see what happens or fight or anything is beyond me. I just didn't get it. It felt like drama just for the sake of drama which I do not like. I hope it doesn't drag out too long in the next section as would be annoying if it did. Hopefully it is quickly cleared up, but come on Chloe. If you believe this for a second you are a fool. We shall see. So not the best section, but hopefully it will end on a high note.

Rating: ★ ★1/2

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