Geoducks Are for Lovers(Modern Lover Story #1) by Daisy Prescott

Geoducks Are for Lovers (Modern Love Stories Book 1)


"... I think life is better when you have love. Not a friendly neighbor or old friends kind of love either, but a love that causes your heart to race and your toes to curl." 

Maggie Marrion is just getting back on her feet after a horrible year, or two, or three. With their twentieth reunion approaching, she invites four of her closest friends from college for a mini-reunion at her beach cabin on Whidbey Island. What she doesn't expect is her best friends Selah and Quinn to play matchmaker. Will Maggie risk her heart and her quiet life for another chance at romance? 

Gil Morrow, former grunge musician turned history professor, joins them as Selah's date for the weekend. With the support of old friends, a few wishing rocks, the world's largest burrowing clam, and a hot lumberjack thrown into the mix, Gil reminds Maggie she isn't too old to fall in love. 

Reality Bites becomes The Big Chill when a group of Gen-X friends spend a summer weekend together sharing laughter, tears, life's ups and downs, old stories, second chances, and new beginnings in this humorous contemporary adult romance. 

Geoducks Are for Lovers is Daisy Prescott's debut novel and the first book in the Modern Love Stories series.


Geoducks Are for Lovers is my second Daisy Prescott novel I have read. When I saw this book was free on Amazon I thought I would give her another try. The first book I read, Ready to Fall, I didn't understand how it was classified as a humorous book. This one was similar. There are a few light hearted moments, but I would not say that it is a humorous book. I don't really understand where the humorous aspects of it are supposed to be. I often times don't like comedies as they are not my sense of humor, but this I just didn't see where the humor was. Very strange. Am I the only one?

In this book we have Maggie hiding away on Whidbey Island for some reason and her friends come to visit for the weekend to catch up before the big reunion. Unexpectedly the love of her life also comes, Gil, who used to be her best friend but then something happened to ruin that. Now I did enjoy reading this book much more so than the other Prescott book I read, but I didn't love it. One of the main reasons?  I didn't understand Maggie at all. She is the main character and I never got her. Why is she hiding out on the island? Why can't she get together with Gil? Why did she/does she run away from that? I just didn't understand. She seemed perfectly fine, but then was just kind of skittish and afraid of having a relationship with a guy who obviously adores her. I didn't understand. Why is she like this? What happened? I need something or it just doesn't make sense.

The rest of the friends were all one dimensional stereotypes of who they were supposed to represent. You have the cougar, the gay bff, the republican workaholic, the stay at home mom, none of them were really developed enough for me to enjoy them. They were a bit too set in their roles that I didn't believe they were real people.

Gil was the only other slightly developed character. He and Maggie were the main focus of the book so it makes sense, but I still don't understand why they never really got together all those years ago. I see what happened, but it seems like everything could have been resolved with a phone call or something. Then again maybe not as Maggie seems like she still would have run for some reason. When you find out what happened it didn't make a lot of sense to me. There wasn't a misunderstanding or someone didn't do something to really hurt the other or anything. It is just like things drifted then changed and they never spoke to each other again. Strange.

Overall though an okay book, but not great. The characters didn't really make me want to keep reading and I didn't understand Maggie and the way she was. Alright, but not amazing.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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