Indiscretion: Volume Four by Elisabeth Grace

Indiscretion: Volume Four


The image was seared into my mind. Imprinted. Emblazoned. Etched.

Did I blame him for what I saw? Or myself, for allowing him the ability to cause the pain coursing through me?

Betrayal was a weapon that cut to the core—the ‘what ifs’ the infection that festered in the wound.

I’d thought we’d had roadblocks thrown in front of us before. Damn. Those would have seemed like mere speed bumps if I’d seen what was coming…

Little did I know that what was headed our way would prove to be the biggest test of all—putting impossible choices in front of us. None of which seemed to lead to a happy ending in which the two of us were together.

****This is the FINAL volume in Max & Chloe's story!****


Wow so I was hoping this series would end on a high note and boy did it. Indiscretion: Volume 4 was definitely the best in the series. I felt all the feels. It was so much better than everything else. I wish this level of story, this writing, everything that this section was would have been present in all the sections. So much better than the first three it was crazy.

Chloe and Max have some issues to overcome right away, and they do. There is a lot of drama in this section, but it didn't feel as unnecessary as the last section. Things happen, feelings are realized, and there are some super heartbreaking scenes. Man it was great. I finally saw the connection between these two besides just hot sex. I finally saw how much they cared for each other, how they were in love. It was heartbreaking at times and the ending was just perfect. Loved it. Seeing what Max does for Chloe, what happens between them, oh it almost brought me to tears. There are some really sad moments, but they make the happy moments that much happier. Really a heartbreaking final chapter to their story.

There was one little unbelievable part and that was who was behind the odd things happening to Chloe and why. That didn't make a lot of sense to me, but oh well. It was one small moment in a story of amazing moments so it was fine. You learn Max's secrets and man you can't help but feel for him. Chloe is wonderful though not perfect with was nice. She is so sweet and kind, but she does make some mistakes in the way she handles things. It was refreshing as it was more like she was a normal person who doesn't always know the right thing to say or do but figures it out. Really a great read. If you have read the other volumes you really need to read this one as well. The ending is just perfect.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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