When the Heart Falls by Karpov Kinrade

When the Heart Falls


"One star breaks off from the others, shooting across the sky, a bright light trailing behind it, and I finally understand why people wish on dying stars. Because something always has to die for life to give birth to a new dream."

Winter Deveaux knows pain. She knows fear. She knows heartache. What she doesn't know is love. Which is a real problem for someone trying to write a romance novel. When a chance to spend a summer in Paris promises her a cure to her writer's block, she packs her bags, never suspecting that the source of her darkest secret will follow her across the world.

Cade Savage is a man torn between two worlds. As son to the wealthiest ranching family in Texas, being a cowboy is in his blood, but his heart is set on architecture. He has one shot to decide his fate: a summer course in Paris.

Winter and Cade leave everything they know behind to follow their dreams to the city of lights, but they soon learn you can't run from the demons that haunt you.

In a story of heartbreak, humor, forgiveness and finding love, these two lost souls must face their darkest fears before they can claim their heart's desires.

But summer love can't last forever, and soon they must choose between their future and their past. Between their dreams and their love. Between their secrets, and forgiveness.

Can they forgive the unforgivable in order to find happiness? Or are some people beyond forgiveness?


Le sigh. If I had to read that one more time in this book I would have screamed. I know When the Heart Falls is based in Paris, but does the main character have to say Le sigh all the freakin time? It just annoyed me.

Winter wants to write romance novels, but she has never been in love. Her advisor tells her she needs to write about things she knows, things she has experienced. I think the author of this book should do the same. She obviously did not do her research on Paris or France and includes so many stupid little things that are just not true that it really annoyed me. One example? Driving. Winter and Cade take a car trip around France and they make a comment about learning to drive on the other side of the road and then they were good. Well hate to break it to you, but they drive on the same side of the road in France and the USA. There is no learning to drive on the other side of the road needed. If this were London then sure, they do drive on the opposite side. It was simple things like that that made me think the author had not actually been to France, or didn't do much research about it. At least get your facts straight if you are going to base your book there.

Besides these annoyances how was the story? Well the story was odd. You can guess what happened to Winter pretty easily. I liked her and Cade, but there was something missing. Something that made them not as realistic. I liked them together, but I don't know what was missing for me. They had a lot of conversations about odd religious things, like heaven and God and stuff, but not overly religious. Some of them were just odd and I skimmed a lot of them as they just...something about them was off and I don't know what.

Winter's best friend Jennifer was not much of a friend. She is a party girl and gives Winter some drugs when they first go out in Paris, which does not go well for Winter. Jennifer sleeps with lots of guys and such, and when she has the big reveal at the end of what happened I just didn't get it. I didn't see it or understand her.

Then the end of the book where everything is magically fine for everyone. Some spoilers to follow. So Winter writes her story and she self publishes it and two weeks later she is a NY Times bestseller! It is that easy! No one know who she is but her book just skyrockets right to the top and she is famous overnight. Sure. Then Cade wins his architect contest! Paid internship for him! Then his dad shows up before the ceremony where he finds out he wins and all is forgiven! The dad had sold the farm and gave Cade a portion of it so they don't even have to worry about money! Jennifer is with the guy from the Paris restaurant and he is in NYC to open another one there! Everyone is happy and everything works out perfect! Oh and Winter and Cade are getting married and she is pregnant! Can we add anything else to make this even more perfect? Maybe if one of these things has happened it would have been okay, but really all of that happening in the same week? Really? It was just a bit much.

Overall the story was off for me. Not sure exactly why, but it just wasn't that good. I found small issues with the facts about France annoying when they were not true, and Le sigh got on my nerves so much. Winter and Cade seemed okay, but they were also not amazing. The ending was really a bit much for me.

Rating: 2/5


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