The Memory Game by Sharon Sant

The Memory Game


'If there is a hell, I think maybe this is it.' 

Weeks after fifteen-year-old David is killed by a speeding driver, he’s still hanging around and he doesn’t know why. The only person who can see and hear him is the girl he spent his schooldays bullying. 

Bethany is the most hated girl at school. She hides away, alone with her secrets until, one day, the ghost of a boy killed in a hit-and-run starts to haunt her. 

Together, they find that the end is only the beginning…


The Memory Game was a really simple, odd story. David is killed at the beginning and he wanders around his town as a ghost. No one can see him, hear him, feel him, anything. He cannot move things around or really do anything in our world. Then he is at school one day and notices that Bethany can see him. Bethany the weird kid who everyone hates. Bethany who *I guess spoilers, though it is obvious from the first* is obviously abused by her dad, who obviously killer her mom. The fact that no one will do anything, say anything, even acknowledge this is odd. The adults at her school see her crazy bruises and yet say nothing. Even David looks the other way when he sees all the signs. Or he doesn't see it even if it is right in front of his face. 

David just wander all day and night, sometimes getting together with Bethany so he has someone to talk to. He doesn't see any other ghosts, and doesn't really seem to have a purpose. He just wanders and falls for Bethany, and she him. He realizes that he should have been nicer to her, sees what a jerk his best friend is, stops thinking about the girl he was obsessed with, and gets to know Bethany. I was reading and just kept thinking where is this going? How is this going to end. When it does I just like okay...what? This is his purpose to do what exactly? Maybe I just didn't get it, but the whole thing kind of annoyed me. A lot of things were obvious, but then it was like oh man! This is what is happening?! Which I didn't buy. It wasn't the worst book ever, it was just too simplistic for me. 

Rating: 2/5


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