A Leap of Faith by T Gephart

A Leap of Faith (The Lexi Series)


Lexi is in uncharted territory as her steady relationship with Alex develops. Their passion shows no signs of waning, but the road is by no means easy. While Lexi loves Alex, she struggles to retain her individual identity while being a partner in a high profile relationship.

On her first international tour as Power Station’s publicist and Alex’s official girlfriend, Lexi is initiated into the crazy lifestyle of life of a rock-star.

Despite all the pressure, Lexi realizes that their relationship is worth fighting for and she no longer wants to be alone. In order for her to move forward with Alex she needs to reconcile her past and exorcise some demons that she thought were best forgotten.

Is their love strong enough to survive the tests that family, distance and time provide?


A Leap of Faith is the second book in the Lexi series. I really like Lexi and Alex. They are so sweet together and it is just a really nice story for the most part. Marcy was annoying at the beginning of the book, and then she kind of disappears until the end, which is good as she is just annoying. 

For most of the book we see Lexi trying to deal with being in a real relationship. There were many points where she would get anxious or try to over think things,  but she worked through them and trusted in Alex. It was nice to see her working through her issues in this book, and really opening up to Alex. They were so sweet together and Alex was just wonderful. Lexi also tries to give up some of her control with work and hires some familiar faces to help her out. It is a really sweet, romantic story up until the end. 

*Now there will be a few spoilers ahead*

The end...I just didn't get some of it. Marcy, who has been nothing but annoying, calls up Lexi and says she is in Australia as well and wants to meet up to talk. Alex is out and so Lexi says fine come by my place and texts her her address. Why? Why would you let crazy ex-girlfriend come to your house? Why would you not say fine meet me at a coffee shop around the corner or something? Why would you want crazy to know where you are? I didn't get that. Of course crazy shows up, just not the one Lexi was expecting. Marcy had gotten in touch with Lexi's abusive ex and he is at the door, forces himself inside and beats her up and rapes her. The cops come in while he is on her, and she is just wrecked. 

Alex of course is incredibly upset by this all. He tries to do whatever he can to help her. Marcy shows up all I am so sorry I didn't expect this to happen blah blah blah and Lexi being Lexi puts her in her place. I really hope something will happen to Marcy as well....she shouldn't be able to get away with something like this. They are all rich, hopefully they can do something to ruin her, end her career, just make her life miserable. I want nothing but the worst for Marcy. Unfortunately I have some time to wait until the next book. I think book 3 will be a hard one. Lexi is trying to deal by herself and with her old ways, but she is going to have to lean on Alex and I hope it all works out and everything can get back to wonderful. They both deserve that. I cannot wait for the third book to come out!

Rating: 4/5


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