Just Jane in the Middle of Nowhere by Gloria Barry

Just Jane In The Middle of Nowhere


When Jane Alton’s parents leave for a summer trip to Ecuador, she finds herself stuck at her grandmother’s house in the small community of Middleton. Worried her eccentric interests and outsider status will get her nowhere with the locals, Jane anticipates a summer of isolation in a town where nothing exciting ever happens. The one bright spot in her future is spending time with her good friend, Mark Littlefield. Jane’s summer takes an unexpected turn when she finds the remains of an ancient Native American woman on her grandmother’s porch. A normal girl would be horrified by such a thing, but Native American history is just up Jane’s alley. She and Mark search for information about the ancient woman, and in their hunt, they discover a cave full of artifacts. Then strange things start happening, and Jane finds herself in one brush with death after another. All the while, her feelings for Mark are changing from friendship into something more. As the stakes get higher, Jane must take action to stop a thief from destroying a valuable part of history. As she solves the mystery, she finds her own strength and she discovers that life in The Middle of Nowhere isn't boring after all.


Just Jane in the Middle of Nowhere was kind of an annoying read. I think I am too old for the story. Maybe if I were a lot younger I would have enjoyed it. 

Jane is stuck in Middleton for the summer while her parents are off in Ecuador. She has been bff with Mark, the sheriff's son, since she was little. Now he has grown up some and Jane doesn't know what she thinks of that. She doesn't know if she like likes him, or wants to stay friends. There is a lot of awkwardness, but it was nice. It was nice to not have a suddenly we are all in love. Really you don't get anything resolved with these two, which was a little sad. I just wanted to know what would happen with them!

Then the main storyline was the archaeological site Mark had found. After finding a mummy on her grandmothers front door, Jane is even more interested in what is in the cave. For some reason Mark and Jane decide not to tell anyone about their find. At first that is fine, but then once things start happening I kept thinking why are they not telling anyone?? I mean the first time they go up to the cave someone siphons their gas so they get stranded. Then Jane sees someone sneaking around outside her grandmothers house in the middle of the night and it is just like you are not worried to be up in the hills by yourself? You still think you should keep going exploring these caves even though strange scary things keep happening? I mean obviously no one is trying to stop you...I just didn't understand after a while why they didn't tell anyone. Then the end...why didn't they tell anyone where they were going? Why did Jane suspect her friend? And then who was doing all of it didn't make much sense. Plus was working with him? He was really doing everything himself? It just seemed like the end was left open with things unresolved, and by that point I was too annoyed with everything. 

Rating: 1.5/5


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