Hope's Decree by Angela McPerson

Hope's Decree (The Fated)


When everything else is lost, there is always hope.

While most teens want an epic senior year, Trinity Whitebone hoped for a normal one. Being seventeen was hard enough. Having the emotions of everyone around you in your head made life more than a little difficult.

Until Blain Heros enrolled.

He screamed hot-god in jeans with just his walk. His intense stare warmed her skin like a thousand suns. Unfortunately, his interest in her seemed to run from blazing to freezing in the span of moments and left her nothing but confused. She could deal with things not being normal, but when life goes from strange to dangerous…

Trinity is the direct descendant of Pandora and fated to rectify the terrors released into the world by her curious ancestor. With powers she didn’t know existed and abilities she never wanted, Trinity tries to walk away from everything her life had become. She thought she could turn her back on her fate, until a band of rogue immortals discover who she is and will do whatever it takes to control her powers. Trinity is left with one decision…Embrace fate or die trying.


Hope's Decree was kind of a mixed bag for me. I liked the idea of the story, but then it got repetitive at the end and the writing didn't make me as enthralled as I could have been. There may be some spoilers ahead. 

Trinity was alright at first, but she quickly became annoying. Same with Blain and his hot and cold. I quickly tired of the connection, but then Blain is all no I can't and Trinity is all crying because she is so hurt by his rejection. It was just over and over and over again. So then she all goes out with Trevor even though she wants Blain. I hate that. It is so mean to the second guy. No one wants to be the second choice, the person that the other person is only with because the person they really want to be with is not available. Lame. Then when Blain finally caves and wants to be with her, no she lost her memory so she keeps pushing him away. Lame lame lame lame lame. I just got super tired of the one wants to be together the other doesn't. It made me not care about either of them. I really just wanted her to really move on and find someone else. After a while I just didn't see the connection even though it was told to us over and over how much of a connection they have.  

The other issue I had with Trinity? After she loses her memory she turns into such a whiny little brat. But I don't want to! Stomp foot, run off, cry, whatever. I was just like you are almost 18! Grow up some! I know you don't remember everything, but this is not the way you reacted when you first learned of this stuff so why are you now? Did that memory potion also revert you back to a much younger age? Throughout the whole book she is pretty stupid. She doesn't call Blain for backup when bad things happen. I mean why would the evil bad guy do anything in front of someone else? I mean there is no way he would ever kill 2 people...he is not the evil bad guy or anything. Then when Blain points out that he could have killed the other person Trinity is all oh noes! I didn't think of that! I just was like ugh!!! I wish you could use your brain! The end where she keeps trying to fight people without help was stupid as well. If I do this Blain will respect me! Sure he will. He won't be super upset you put yourself in danger. Plus, if she hadn't put herself in danger maybe Blain won't turn evil in the next book (it is kind of obvious that he will succumb to the darkness). Really both of them snapped all the time and were acting not like themselves for the second part of the book. 

The other main issue I had was the writing itself. It was full of unimportant details, or sentence cut up too much. "Inside my mom waited for me in the living room. We watched a movie, but I couldn't stay awake to finish it. I went to bed."That is like too much detail that is unnecessary. It just felt very stiff to me. It made the book drag on a little bit. 

I did not like when Trinity lost her memory at all. Then we had a repeat of a few chapters ago all over again! She has to learn everything again! Who she is, what she can do, etc. Fun. I just read this, so yes I would like to read it once more! I did like Morpheus though in the second half. He was probably my favorite character and I would have loved to have seen more of him. 

I did like the general story though. I found it interesting the mythology and everything. The evil that Trinity has to fight to save humanity. Very interesting, I just wish it would have been written better with better characters that didn't annoy me so much. I would read the next book to see what happens, but it is not something that I am on the edge of my seat waiting for. Not a horrible book, even though I have a lot of complains above, but not great either. Just a so so read for me. 

Rating: 2.5/5


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