Beyond Control by Karice Bolton

Beyond Control (Beyond Love Series #1)


Everything in Gabby Sullivan's life is going according to plan--her father's plan. With a brilliant job in the corporate world, glamorous parties, and a beautiful condo overlooking Seattle, she is thrown into a world she doesn't want to claim. It's not until Jason crashes into her world that she realizes she's not really living. 

Facing his own demons, Jason attempts to piece his life back together after a personal tragedy. Damaged by his ghosts, Jason finally begins to forgive himself whenever Gabby's around. She makes him feel--alive, something he hasn't felt for a long time.

It's only as their love grows and secrets are revealed that they realize a devastating connection from their past might actually tear them apart.


Beyond Control was not my favorite book. The writing was the style where the author is way too descriptive. Way too many details that don't matter. The style that I really don't like. I can never figure out exactly what it is that drives me crazy, but it is the description. I can never quite figure out what it is, how the author is describing things differently than what I like, but it annoys me. The story is set in Seattle and at the beginning it felt like the author just kept putting in references, or making small scenes that reference something in Seattle, just to be like look! It is Seattle!! See! It is Seattle!! It was like I get it, but you don't have to go out of your way to try and make the location the location. It just seemed a little forced and a few of the things made me pause like really? For instance how bicycles are the main mode of travel in Seattle. Haha. Sure. There is a bike culture there, and some people do ride bikes from outside the city to work, but main mode of travel? It is a laugh. It is not like Copenhagen or anything. The bike storage in the building where I used to work had maybe 6 bikes in a day. Out of a 20 story office building full of tenants, that is definitely not the main way people got to work. I only know one person who rides a bike in Seattle, and that is just for fun usually in the mountains. Just small things like that annoy me.

The story itself...well Gabby was pretty immature and I didn't really like her that much. She doesn't want a boyfriend again after some not so good prior experiences, but nothing insanely horrible. She gets pushed into working for her dad, and her brother leaving when she was younger still troubles her. She meets Jason and is just crazy! She obviously likes him, but then when she finds out he is friends with her brother...well her brother must have sent him! It is the only reason. Um sure. She just is crazy, but they work it out. Then Jason keeps asking her out, and she keeps freaking then being all well he probably has a girlfriend and doesn't really like me. Sure, that is why he keeps asking you out. You can be insecure, but geeze louise maybe listen to your friends once and a while? She was just up and down and all over the place.

They did eventually work everything out and it was nice, but the writing still didn't make me care that much about anything. Plus the heart transplant/fiance's death. It was pretty obvious what would happen with that whole thing, and then it does. I remember when I realized it I just groaned and my husband was like what? I was just like I think I know what is going to happen...and yeah. It did, but still. They work it out and so yey I guess.

Then you get to the very end and oh  my goodness I wished I had a physical copy of the book so I could throw it across the room. Seriously. I was so angry by the placement of where it ended. It was horrible, a terrible place to end the story. I mean if you still wanted to include what happened then fine, end it with the text. Don't end it after that at just a random place, just the exact moment when you find out what is going on. Really? I mean you want a cliffhanger fine, have a cliffhanger. But don't end it there. It is like ending it mid conversation or something. Who does that? It made me so angry! It made me not want to read the next book I was so angry. And by the way, the next book doesn't start where this one leaves off. It goes back to when this book started, or somewhere around there, and tells the story of someone else. So I guess you have to read the entire book to see what happens...super lame! I read the whole stupid book and then it just ends in the middle of a scene? I was not a happy camper at all. Like I said, if it would have ended with the text I wouldn't have liked it, but I wouldn't have been angry with it. So I won't be reading the next book as I am too annoyed to even want to read through another book to maybe find out what happens. Ugh.

Rating: 1/5


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