Misbehaving by Abbi Glines

Misbehaving (Sea Breeze)


An unexpected affair leads to mind-blowing harmony in this Sea Breeze novel from New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines. 

Jason is sick of living in his rock star brother’s shadow. So when he ships off to Sea Breeze, Alabama, he’s looking for a much deserved escape and a chance to blow off some envious steam. Falling for the local bad girl was definitely not the plan. But as the new duo enjoys some naughty fun in the Alabama sun, Jason learns that even though Jax is the musician in the family, he’s not the only brother who can rock someone’s world.


When I started reading Misbehaving I thought it was Grant's book (maybe because I can't wait for Grant's book to come out). At first I was a little disappointed it wasn't. I didn't really remember Jess from prior books, but I sorta remember Jason. Not enough to really remember what he was like. The disappointment didn't last long as I was drawn into the story. This story is probably one of my favorites from Abbi Glines. Yes, a lot of her stories are similar, similar plot lines, but I really like those story lines. 

My favorite part of this book? Jess' mom telling her how Jason is her Logan. How she hopes she meets her Jess next, how Jess is her soul mate, not Logan. Jess is confused as she doesn't know who all these people and when she asks her mom? They are all from Gilmore Girls! Hilarious. I laughed so much when I read that. Oh how I love Gilmore Girls, and how much Jess' mom believes Rory's love life is what will happen in real life. Amazing. 

Jess didn't seem very bad in this book. I was expecting more of a trouble maker, someone who does more "bad" things. She was actually nice and didn't do much. Sure she breaks into someones pool and swims one night, but not much else. 

Jason seems nice, but is a little hesitant to really start something with Jess. I understand why he is skeptical of people liking him for him, not him for being Jax's brother. Jess and Jason get along so well and they are sweet together. Sure they have things they have to work through, and misunderstandings to deal with like always, but I enjoyed them both. Now to wait for Grant's book to come out....

Rating: 4/5


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