Revive by S.C. Harrison

Revive (The Revive Series)


Some memories fade. Some memories fight back. Since the tragic accident that stole her parents, sixteen-year-old amnesiac Cat Lindensen lives each day with only faint memories of the last. But after her uncle abruptly uproots their L.A. lives for the lush forests of Oregon, even Cat begins to notice the shadows that stalk her steps. Frightening hallucinations, flash growth spurts, and a debilitating reaction to iron leave Cat fearing for her mind. No one notices Cat's struggles more than the strange new boy Card Thomas, namely because he triggers them. The touch of his skin sends Cat into consuming visions of magic, monsters, and even her own lost past. But while Cat clings to the world she thought she lived in, she can't help but fall in love with a truth she can't explain--even as she's falling into the arms of an old friend with more secrets than she ever knew. Revived to the supernatural world around her, Cat must bend the lines between right and wrong to navigate the harsh world of bargains, curses, and a love that tests her very sanity. But sometimes it’s good to go a little crazy in love...


I really wish books about Faeries would state they are about Faeries. For some reason I usually don't like books about them. I think the Wicked Lovely series is the only one I have enjoyed. I started Revive and though oh what is going on? Cat cannot remember her past due to an accident that killed her parents, but then she meets Card and he triggers some memories to come back. Her uncle, who is taking care of her, is pretty absent, but he gets someone to work for him who is like a babysitter, but becomes her friend. Is it magic? Is her uncle hiding something? What is going on?

Oh. She is a Faerie. Then it just went downhill from there for me. I am not sure what it is I don't like about Faeries, but it is just not my thing. Cat seemed fine. She holds onto the fact that her uncle loves her for way too long. Once she finds out what he really is she really shouldn't trust him as much, but I can understand that. She was alright, but did put herself in danger more often than she should have. It was like she just didn't care. She runs into another Faerie and that Faerie offers to take her home and she thinks oh I should do this? Right? There is no way this could go wrong. I mean home means one thing right? It was like really? Home could be his could be your home (your uncle's place), it could be fairyland, it could be anywhere. Good thing she didn't have enough time to accept the offer...she was just not the smartest person.

Card was interesting. He obviously knew Cat from before she lost her memory, but he also is a little sketchy at times. Like joking about stalking her in an alley and stuff...not really cool or funny. I couldn't quite figure out if he was a good person or not. Obviously he is mostly good, Cat feels safe with him, but there was still something off. I guess in the next books you will see, but I didn't like this book enough to find out. He is something other, but who knows what.

Mike was not good. He starts as helping Cat out, but then suddenly turns into the bad guy? Really? I didn't get it as it was not in Mike's character up until that point. If it was a compulsion thing, like he had to, then sure. But it wasn't. I didn't get it.

Overall I didn't really like the story. It didn't help that it was about Faeries. I won't be reading any more in the series.

Rating: 2/5


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