Shakespeare's Trollop by Charlaine Harris

Shakespeare's Trollop (Lily Bard Mysteries)


Shakespeare, Arkansas, is home to endless back roads, historic buildings, colorful residents--and the occasional murder. It is also home to Lily Bard, the local karate expert/cleaning woman with a particular knack for finding skeletons in closets.

But when the local woman of ill repute is found murdered, being familiar with her dirty laundry could make Lily the next Shakespearean to die.


Shakespeare's Trollop is the fourth book in the Lily Bard Mystery series. I thought the first book was okay, the second and third I really liked, but this one was a little disappointing. I pretty much knew who did it right from the start and even though I didn't put everything together for why, I got the gist of it. 

Lily is out one day and finds a car in the woods with Deedra dead in it. Deedra sleeps around and Lily is quite critical of her for that. There was a lot of talk of how she was just asking for it by sleeping with so many men. I really didn't like that. It was bothered me. 

The other issue with this book? Not enough Jack! When he is in it it is awesome, but he is gone on a case for most of the book. I do love Lily and Jack. They are so cute together and I am glad they are going to keep being together. I would have been so sad had they broken up. They both have their pasts, and they are just so cute! I love them. 

As for the rest of the story it was just okay. As I said I knew who did it pretty much right away, though I didn't quite figure out why exactly they killed Deedra. It was an alright story, but just not as good as the last two. 

Rating: 2/5 


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