The Salty Carmel Christmas by Barbara Lohr

The Salty Carmel Christmas


Nothing ever changes in Paris. That’s Paris, Indiana, just to be clear. When Rachel Morgan comes home for Christmas break, she’s not exactly the family success story. Failing grades, huge school loan and a bad breakup, to boot. Things aren’t going her way. Then she runs into Eli Housman at a party. This is the quiet family friend who used to fix her computer? A quick kiss under the mistletoe only confuses her. No one worth his salt ever stays in Paris, not in her book anyway. The soft-spoken guy with killer blue eyes makes Rachel take a second look. Paris offers her a second chance. Sometimes life can be like a salty Christmas carmel—sweet but with a tang that lingers, leaves you wanting more. Sometimes the boy you leave behind is the man you want forever. “The Salty Carmel Christmas” is a novella that includes a great recipe for salty carmels.


First off why is caramel spelled carmel? Is that really a correct spelling for that? I tried searching for carmel since I have never seen it spelled that way and only got the did you mean caramel? results. That is bad to have a misspelling in your title...How did that happen? Someone please let me know if I am mistaken and there is a way to spell caramel as carmel. That is just bad. 

Now onto the story. It was not my favorite. Rachel is a little too young for me. Or really she acts too young for me. She is obviously attracted to Eli, but is just like but I knew him all my life. I can't like him right? Um sure? Then suddenly she is just all over him. It was odd pacing for me throughout the story. Things just happened and I didn't really care about anything. Brother gets in trouble? I don't really care. Well that is not completely true, he doesn't really get in that much trouble it seems even though he should be in serious serious trouble for what he did. That is not something I take lightly at all and well...he is just lucky it was not worse. Still he didn't see many repercussions from his actions. 

Hmm what else....well the mom. I thought she was going to have some horrible thing that was going to kill her soon. I was pretty sure she was dying. When I found out what she had I thought oh, is that all? Okay, she can get help with that. Not that it is not bad, it is just not killing her immediately. 

It was an odd read. I didn't care about any of the characters or what happened as it didn't make me. Also, Rachel was very immature which grated on me a bit. Oh well, it was a quick read. 

Rating: 1/5  


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