Here Comes Trouble by Debbie Macomber

Here Comes Trouble


"My Evening with the Debutante" 

That unflattering article by Nolan Adams started the whole thing. The "debutante" was Maryanne Simpson, columnist at a rival Seattle paper, which her father happened to own. 

Despite her anger at Nolan's interfering opinion. Maryanne decided the tough, streetwise newsman was right about one thing; her life had been too easy. She wanted to earn her own way. And she wanted to earn Nolan's respect. No, more than his respect... 

She quit her job, left her luxury apartment and gave up her trust fund -- a Cinderella in reverse, with Nolan Adams her reluctant prince.


While Here Comes Trouble (which now only seems to be sold via the book Glad Tidings - paired with There's Something About Christmas) is not really a Christmas story, but I still enjoyed it. Besides the prologue and the epilogue there is no Christmas even mentioned. It is the night before Christmas and Nolan and Maryanne's kids want to hear the story of how they got together before they go to sleep.

Then the story starts off with their first meeting in person for a radio segment. They had a back and forth in the papers, and Nolan was dead set on hating Maryanne. He had dated a rich girl before, wanted to marry her, but she left him broken hearted since he was not good enough for her. Since Maryanne's family has money he thinks she will be a spoiled little rich kid and want nothing to do with the likes of him.

Maryanne is not the spoiled rich kid Nolan thinks she will be. She is kind and generous and just a good person. Nolan and Maryanne are instantly attracted to each other, but Nolan is set on not letting anything happen (though they do seem to keep kissing....). It was sweet how he was always trying to help her, and she would care for him, but neither would really acknowledge their real feelings for the other. I liked how you could see Nolan slowly being worn down and starting to really care for Maryanne. The end was nice and sweet and just wonderful. Sure there is some drama first, but unlike a lot of romances it actually made sense and worked. So even though this was just a thinly veiled Christmas story it was still an enjoyable read.

Rating: 4/5


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