Broken Silence by Natasha Preston

Broken Silence


Four years after Oakley left for Australia, the trial is ready to begin. After coming to the decision that she needs to face her abusers to finally be able to move on, Oakley and her family return to England to give evidence in person.

Oakley's love for Cole never faded, but after four years apart how will Cole react to her being back? Can they put the past behind them in order to get their happy ending?


Broken Silence was just not as good as the first book Silence. In Silence you had the layer of Oakley not speaking to anyone. Well since she spoke at the end of the first book there wasn't that aspect. It was just the trial and Oakley and Cole trying to figure things out. 

Really the book seemed like a lot of Oakley and Cole hanging out and a lot of Oakley worrying about the trial. But what if they get off? What if they don't go to jail? I know there is a ton of evidence against them, but what if that is not enough??? It was a little tedious for me at times. As in the first book the writing did not make me connect with the characters as much as it could have. It wasn't horrible, but it was a lot of worrying and not many things happening. 

Cole was still sweet in this book. At first he is a little hesitant, but they just cannot stay away from each other. Though his momentary issues at the end were a bit much for me, I kind of understand it. 

Overall it was just an okay book. The story was a bit tedious at times, but it wasn't all bad. 

Rating: 2.5/5


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