Secret Santa by Kathleen Brooks

Secret Santa, A Bluegrass Series Novella


It wouldn't be Christmas in Keeneston without a party! Everyone's invited, even Santa...

Kenna's court docket is full, Dani's hiding from her in-laws, Paige and Annie are about to burst from pregnancy, and Marshall is breaking up fights at the PTA Christmas Concert. The sweet potato casserole is made, the ham and biscuits are on the table, and men are losing their shirts - and not because of bets placed with the Rose Sisters! All the while, the entire town is wondering one thing: who is the Secret Santa that showed up with special gifts for everyone?


I didn't realize Secret Santa was part of a series when I started it. On amazon it has a little blurb about if you are new to the Bluegrass series, pick up Secret Santa to check it out, and at the end is a chapter from the first novel. To me that would indicate that you don't need to know the other stories to read this one. Well that is not the case at all. I have read the Bluegrass Series, but it has been a while and I don't remember them very well. When I started this novella I was so confused. The characters kept referencing things that I had no idea about. Things that happened in the other books, but if you haven't read them then you have no idea. There are also a ton of characters and it was hard to figure out how they all related or knew each other. It was like you are supposed to already know all about all of them, and this is a short extension to catch up on what everyone is doing for Christmas. Not good unless you are familiar with the characters. 

The story itself, well it is hard for me to comment as much on that since I didn't know what the characters were referring to half the time. There is a secret Santa and everyone if trying to figure out who it is as he seems familiar to everyone. Once they do it is like oh! It is so and so! How great, when really I was just like cool. I don't know who so and so is so...good thing this was a really short read as there is no way I could have finished it otherwise. Don't pick this one up unless you have read the other Bluegrass books by the author. 

Rating: 1/5


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