Fairytale Christmas by Shelley Galloway

Fairytale Christmas (Harlequin Heartwarming)


Most people don't see past Brooke Anne Kressler's Jovial Janitors sweatshirt and old sneakers. But even janitors dream of being Cinderella at the ball, and for one night with executive Morgan Carmichael, Brooke Anne lives her fairy tale...until Morgan's ex shows up at the party. Brooke Anne makes a hasty exit from the Christmas ball, leaving her dreams--and her shoes--behind. 

Morgan may not know much about shoes, but he does know he can't stop thinking about Brooke Anne. So he decides to play Prince Charming and return her heels. But Brooke seems to have transformed from Cinderella into Scrooge overnight. It's going to take a lot more than a pair of shoes to convince her that at Christmas, anything is possible--even happily ever after.


Unfortunately Fairytale Christmas was not a very good book. I liked the idea of a modern Cinderella with a twist, but it was really not the best. Brooke Anne doesn't have a lot of money, but she owns her own cleaning company. She dated one guy once whom she thought she would marry only to have him dump her for some other girl. So of course all men cannot be trusted now...which yes I have read other books with this same basic plot, but Brooke Anne was so annoying! She was always fantasizing about what it would be like to be swept off her feet, but I found the fantasies annoying.  She also goes on and on about stupid things and I just wanted to be like stop! Either do something or don't, but please stop talking about it!

Morgan is a richer guy and he invited Brooke Anne to his company Christmas party when his date cancels last minute. Of course they fall for each other until some misunderstandings make Brooke Anne run out without saying goodbye. Morgan then tries to track her down however he can, but Brooke Anne is too insecure and focused on money that she tries to stay away. She keeps focusing on how he has money and she doesn't which is a bit ridiculous. I mean he never was really money focused around her...I just didn't get it. 

The other main issue with the book, besides Brooke Anne annoying me, was I didn't see any chemistry between the characters. I am not sure why Brooke Anne and Morgan like each other. I have no idea why he tried to track her down so much. I just didn't see it. Even at the end I didn't see the attraction between them. Not very good. I didn't really care about either character either, and they seemed very one dimensional and just....I just didn't like most things about this story. 

Rating: 1.5/5


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