Perfect by Autumn Jordon

Perfect (A Christmas Romance)

A heart-warming romantic comedy set in the fictional small town of Black Moose, Vermont where everyone knows your name. And, if they don't, they soon will. Come, meet the town folk of Black Moose, take a ride out to Mini-Moose Point, and feel the love in the air.


Unfortunately Perfect was not a perfect story. Everything was very simplistic and whenever there was a slight issue it was easily resolved right away. Dylan thinks Darcy is Tom's girlfriend? Well that misunderstanding gets fixed like right away (though like the next day Dylan is talking to Darcy and says how Tom is marrying someone else so...why did he think Darcy was his girlfriend if he knew he was seeing someone else? Or did the two talk sometime between when he dropped her off the one night and early the next morning when he picked her up again? It didn't make sense). It was all just too easy. 

The other issue? I didn't feel like I really got to know either main character. They had instant super attraction sure, but I never saw more than that. I am a believer in love at first sight, but this didn't seem like that. Also everything just instantly worked out for them after like two days. It was just....not realistic or not unrealistic in a good romance kind of way. 

Overall the story was too simple and everything worked out too easily. There was little character development and nothing really seemed to happen the entire time, even though a few things did. 

Rating: 1.5/5  


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