Shakespeare's Champion by Charlaine Harris

Shakespeare's Champion (A Lily Bard Mystery)


When Lily stumbles upon the well-built corpse of a local body builder-his neck broken by a barbell-the town's underlying racial tension begins to boil over. The white victim was somehow connected to two unsolved murders of black residents of Shakespeare-and a dogged policeman is determined to stop the killing. But it is Lily herself who may have to decide whether to stay and fight for justice, or run away one more time.


Just as I thought Shakespeare's Champion was much better than the first Lily Bard Mystery. Even though we did meet some new characters in this book there was not a ton of back story for all of them (unless they were main characters and I expect we will see more of them in the next books. In that case it was  nice to get their story and it actually fit in with this story). 

Lily once again is dragged into a murder investigation and trying to figure out who the killer or killers are. She keeps running into the mysterious black haired man, and racial tensions are running high. Of course Lily keeps being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She also figures out how she knows the black haired man and I think we shall see him again in the next books. 

I have read the Sookie Stackhouse books previously and while I enjoyed them they are light and fun. but then I grew bored with them. This series so far is a bit darker, a bit more serious and I am really enjoying it. Lily is so much fun to read. I really like her and her innocent way of going about things. She is logical and tries to think things through and I just really enjoy her. Some people thinks she comes off as cold, but since the book is from her point of view you know why she acts the way she does and it makes sense. I can't wait to read more of her. 

The plot in this one did go darker than I thought it would. I was expecting a lighter read, but about half way through things happened that I was not expecting at all and the way they were described...very dark. It just kept going and I found myself thinking the author can write more serious books, not just fluff. This still isn't the best book I have ever read, but it was really good. Entertaining and kept me wanting more. Now off to read book 3!

Rating: 4/5


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