Smitten at First Sight by Marie Astor

Smitten at First Sight: A Contemporary Romance Novel


Twenty-two-year-old Maggie Robin has been dating the irresistibly good-looking Jeffrey Preston for a year. But when Jeffrey proposes marriage to her a week after her college graduation, Maggie finds herself wondering if she wants to spend the rest of her life married to a workaholic TV show producer.

Her doubts culminate when during a ski trip to British Columbia she meets Taylor Denton, a handsome, free-spirited big mountain skier.

Maggie’s attraction to Taylor is undeniable, but she is engaged to marry Jeffrey. Will Maggie have the courage to follow her heart?


I hate when a book starts off pretty good, you are enjoying the story, then when you get to the end you are just like what is this mess that I am reading? Well that was this book. I hate when authors don't end books well. Really the last 20% or so of this book I was just thinking what happened? Did the author give up? It just got so simplistic and everything just works out magically. Lame. There will be spoilers ahead as I will be talking about the ending so you are warned. Also, while not a Christmas story I count it since it is all snowy and wintry. 

The story starts off pretty well. Maggie is obviously used to just going along with things and doesn't stand up for herself or what she wants. As annoying as that can be, as much as I want to be like do what you want!!, I can understand how one could just go with the flow. She is engaged to Jeffrey and man, what a lame-o. His proposal is all about his job, not really about how much he loves her and wants to be with her. Then they go on an engagement trip which is really a business trip and he seems like he doesn't care about her at all, and she just goes along with it. She does have some hesitancy, does start to get angry at times but then thinks no I will not do this now. For the most part she is just like I think I love him so...then she meets Taylor's grandparents on the ski slopes and her first day there and the grandmother says something about how Jeffrey must be her true love. What does Maggie do? Gets super pissed off at them for saying that. Um what? You are so angry because someone said they are happy you are marrying the love of your life? didn't really make sense. I mean yes she has doubts, but why get so angry and why is she marrying him?

Then she meets Taylor and there is an instant connection with the two, though both try and deny/avoid it. They both know she is Jeffrey's fiance. Of course then we really get to see what a horrible person Jeffrey is when they all go skiing and Jeffrey almost gets himself killed and gets embarrassed by Taylor for screwing up majorly. Well Jeffrey will have none of that, he can do what he wants, so he promptly leaves Maggie to go try and figure something else out for his movie (oh yeah, he is making a documentary about Taylor skiing an un-skiable section of the mountain). Once he leave you get the shocking discovery that he cheats on Maggie so Maggie breaks up with him. Then she starts hanging out with Taylor and one things leads to another. They were sweet together, and yes it was fast but I didn't really care. She was so much better with Taylor than with Jeffrey, and Taylor was so supportive of her dreams. 

So about half way through the book everything is great. Taylor and Maggie have gotten together, Jeffrey seems like he is cool with is, or will be fine and just wants to be professional. All is well. Then all quickly starts to go downhill. Everything started to get too simple, too easy to fix, and just was bad. The first thing that happened? Jeffrey is all sneaky, takes Maggie to the airport when she is going home to break the news of her engagement to Taylor to her family and spend some time with them. Jeffrey kept Taylor tied up in a meeting, stole Taylor's phone, then canceled Maggie's cab so he drover her. Taylor wanted to try and say goodbye so drove as fast as possible to the airport only to see Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells him sorry dude, Maggie and I are back together. You were just a vacation fling. What does Taylor do? Well not much. He is kind of upset, but he doesn't really do anything. He instantly believes Jeffrey for some reason...I am not sure why. He doesn't try and call Maggie or talk to her at all in the coming days. He tells his friends and everyone that Jeffrey said they were back together and they all believe it. Why? I don't get it. Did no one see them together? Did no one see how in love they were? I mean it was shown that they were just so happy and in love, then the hurt ex says something and they just believe him? It just wasn't in character for them. 

Then why is Maggie not more concerned when she doesn't talk to Taylor for many days? It just doesn't make sense. Then after Taylor's accident, when Taylor is in a coma, Jeffrey calls Maggie and says Taylor died, but whatever you do not come here! His little speech was so odd it is like wait you are buying this? I mean the instant no! I can get. But once you have time to think about it? Why would everyone hate you? They blame you for Taylor skiing and getting caught in an avalanche? Sure...think for two seconds and again you will realize that is not in their character! I am just glad she did go anyway, and once she did everything was resolved in two seconds. She sees his friend Shawn who is at first upset, then Shawn sees Maggie is upset and all is good. She goes to the hospital and leads him out of the darkness and he has a miraculous recover! He just wakes up good as new! Yey! Boo. So lame. 

Oh but the worst part? Hannah and Shawn. Hannah has been in love with Taylor forever, Shawn in love with Hannah. So Hannah is sitting with Taylor and he calls for Maggie, so then she is hurt at first, but then instantly realizes that she is not in love with him. She just blew her adolescent crush way out of proportion. So then she sees Shawn and tells him how she is leaving town and he is all No! I love you! and she is all I love you too!! Wait what? You go from being in love with Taylor one moment to being in love with Shawn the next? With no hesitation or thinking at all? Really? At least stop and think about how great Shawn is and how he has been there for you or something, then slowly realize hey maybe I do love him. No oh I just thought I loved Taylor, now I love you! Lame lame lame. Way to just wrap everything up way too simply and quickly. Lame lame lame! And Taylor's dad also has a change of heart and they are dad and son again and close! Hooray! I'm not saying a near death experience wouldn't bring them closer, but the way it was handled was way too easy. 

Overall the first part of the book I was enjoying, but the last half was just not good. 

Rating: 2/5


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