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Wearing the nicest suit I own, I stand in the very back with a flask full of whiskey in my inner pocket. I put on a brave face as I watch her walk down the aisle.

Because it’s too late.

I refuse to be the bastard who makes her cry on her wedding day, but I’m dying to tell her what I’ve always known. She’s my best friend, but she doesn’t realize she owns my f*cking heart and soul, too.

Each step down that aisle takes her farther away from me and brings her closer to him, forcing me to face the truth: I’ve fallen in love with someone who can’t be mine. If she’d just turn around, maybe she’d realize I love her more than he ever could.

I won’t ruin her perfect day, but my broken heart begs me to try and convince her.

Choose me.


Choose Me was a quick, easy friends to lovers romance. I usually love these kinds of stories, love the friends who become more, but this one was fine but not my favorite. I found myself a little...I wish the character would have been able to actually talk to each other even though they were best friends and claimed to do just that. I get it, it is hard to breach the subject in that kind of situation, but some of the events that happened were just meh or not that good. **spoilers ahead**

The story opens with Hollis at Magnolia's wedding. She is marrying someone else and it kills him, but he won't be that guy who confesses his love for the girl on her wedding day and ruin everything for her. Which I get and totally stand by. I was ready to love Hollis for not ruining this for her even though he is heartbroken she is marrying someone else. And I was super curious to see what happened and how this will turn into a they live happily ever after type situation. Like how does she go from marrying someone else to being with Hollis? Cause this is a romance so....

Then we go back to when these two first met. When Magnolia was eight I believe. When Hollis moved in next door and they became best friends. Her family is rich and in politics and his is not so her family definitely doesn't want her to be friends with him cause he is from a poorer family. And his mom is a nightmare and hates Hollis for some reason and never tires of telling him how he will never be worthy of Magnolia. How he will never be good enough.

Now them as eight, ten, twelve years old was alright, but something didn't quite jell completely for me. It was kind of awkward reading them at that age, but whatever. We go from them as kids the whole way through the wedding day and as soon as we learn about Magnolia's parents I thought for sure she is marrying someone her parents want her to, not someone she loves. Cause she obviously has always loved Hollis.

Only that is not it. And this is where the story really was just meh for me. What turned this into just an okay read instead of an amazing read. So spoilers!! Magnolia doesn't sleep with any of the guys she ends up dating and then eventually gives her virginity to Hollis, which is amazing and I was so happy they figure everything out. But then I was very confused about how we went from finally we are together and live happily ever after!! To she is marrying someone else. Well..Hollis gets told once again that he is not good enough so he cuts and runs out on Magnolia all we need to see if we are really good for each other I need to make something of myself and basically doesn't talk to her for years. Like what? I think the big issue was I didn't buy his self-worth issues. I didn't see it. I didn't feel he really was like that so it didn't make sense. They both had issues, but then never felt like they really did. I could totally see how someone in his situation with the way he grew up would have these issues, but it didn't feel real. So I couldn't get behind it really.

But the real issue? The real big problem I have? No one is as selfless and kind as Greg. Nope. Seriously? So after Hollis runs out she meets Greg when she is still a mess and not ready to move on. He is there for her and they eventually fall in love and Greg proposes and they plan the wedding only for Hollis to come back during this time and mess things up. To make Magnolia a bit crazy as she has never really gotten over Hollis. And Greg had been with someone who died so he understood how hard it is to move on. Okay so on the wedding day Hollis comes to see Magnolia (he is supposed to stay for the wedding - he was invited) and he has a letter he wrote to her telling her how he feels, but he is not going to give it to her. Which is great, you should have done that forever ago if you were doing it. But then he throws it away in her garbage can where she is getting ready so it is crumpled, but sitting pretty right there on top so she can find it and be all he loves me!! What do I do?!?! It was super lame. So she goes to talk to Greg and...apparently because Greg loved someone before he will never again be able to find someone he cannot live without and yes, he loves Magnolia, but he won't be devastated if she goes after Hollis. Like, wait what? Why are you guys getting married? Just chapters before you were selling me on how in love you two are and now you aren't? You are just what? Friends who decided this is good enough? It was super lame. I was just like there is almost no way you would find someone like Greg. Please prove me wrong if you no someone like him, but to be all I love you I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but go do whatever you need to moments before we are supposed to get married and I am totes cool with it? Okay. Sure. Not buying it.

So yeah, I had a few issues with this book. Even with all that it wasn't a terrible read. It was fine. It just wasn't great.

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★


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