Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan

Perfectly Imperfect
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Mirror, mirror … who’s the fairest of them all?

I still cringe when I hear that line. A fairy tale that had girls pretending they were the fairest, the most beautiful, and the most entitled. A fairy tale most couldn’t grow out of turned my haunted childhood memories into a living nightmare. Girls who grew up believing that pile of garbage became the meanest of all ‘mean girls.’

And those mean girls were right – it was a line meant for all the beautiful people in the world – and I knew the answer would never be me.

The women with long legs, flat stomachs, and perfect chests.

The type of women Kane Masters gravitated toward.

Well, that’s definitely not Willow Tate.

No. That will never be me.

Because I’m completely imperfect.

And … I hate myself.

I have no idea what Kane could possibly see in someone like me when he could have them. 


I really wanted to like Perfectly Imperfect, but unfortunately it just didn't work for me. I really enjoy the authors other books, but this one...not so much. 

Willow is a girl with little self esteem. She thinks she is ugly and puts herself down and everything, even though everyone else tells her how amazing she is. I get it, especially since she has dealt with years and years of emotional abuse. Her family, her father and sister, are absolutely horrible to her. Always cutting her down. And her soon to be ex-husband was no better. Really it is a pretty messed up situation. So I get why she would have self worth issues, but then suddenly she is confident and fine when she meets Kane. I just...I didn't see the transformation. I know there were some time jumps, and in that time apparently she started liking herself more. I just wish it wouldn't have been a magical guy who changes everything and instantly makes her "better." Because really? How often does that happen?

Kane is a hot shot movie star and as soon as he sees Willow he wants to be with her. Only she is with someone so he doesn't do anything. Until he sees her in her attorney's office when she is getting her divorce. Then it is game on. He wants to get to know her as she makes him feel. She is real. She is special.

So things are wonderful and great with Kane and Willow. She can eat again, she doesn't have to starve herself (which this storyline just kind of fell to the wayside. I am assuming she started eating more. At the beginning she is only eating the bare minimum so she can loose weight and be attractive again, then it is not mentioned again). Only Kane has some secret with Mia - the girl the tabloids say has been his secret girlfriend forever. And she is having his baby according to them. Kane keeps telling Willow that it is nothing, but he can't tell her what because he promised Mia he wouldn't say anything so he can't tell her the specifics. Even though Willow is suddenly much better, it does worry her on occasion.

*Spoiler alert!*

So things are going well, until the Mia issue becomes a serious issue for Willow. She meets Kane's family and his brother that Kane obviously doesn't like, and then she finally asks him straight up what is going on with Mia. Is it his baby? And he says nothing, crushing Willow. Why didn't he say anything? Because he is an idiot. Really if he loves Willow so much why doesn't he just tell Mia that she can trust her? That he has to tell her because it is messing up their relationship? That he is sorry, he knows he promised, but he can't keep this secret from Willow anymore? Why would you just let it blow up and not do anything? It was so so so so lame. I get Mia didn't want the press to know what was going on, but was she really going to keep this secret from everyone but Kane? That she wasn't going to tell the baby's grandparents they are going to be grandparents? Seriously? You should be able to trust the people who have treated you like family forever. If you can't then who can you trust? It was so lame. I didn't understand Mia being adamant that no one else can know. It made no sense to me and yeah. No good.

So overall this wasn't the book for me. The magical guy that fixes everything, not seeing Willow change and become more confident she just suddenly is, and the super lame ending with more drama than needed and it just didn't work for me.

Rating: ★ ★


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