Rath's Trial (Janus Group #4) by Piers Platt

Rath's Trial
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Rath thought that defeating the Janus Group and stealing back his hard-earned fortune might help ease his guilty conscience. But when he returns to the planet Scapa to find the woman he loves, his past crimes finally catch up to him. And the police aren't Rath's only concern: someone's put a price on his head. Rath will need to figure out who his new enemy is if he wants to stay alive. His old friend Beauceron can't help him - especially not when Rath's former colleague, Paisen Oryx, is the primary suspect in the detective's latest investigation. The three former allies each work to unravel the truth in a growing conspiracy ... but will fate bring them together as friends, or enemies?


These Janus Group books are so much fun to read. Definitely some of my favorite stories. I read the original trilogy and loved every minute of it so when I saw the author was writing another in the same world I was very excited. I mean getting to see these characters in action once again? Yes please! Please note that this is not a standalone book. Even though it is the start of a new trilogy of books, it is set in the same world with the same characters as the first three. You should read the first three prior to this one. Well you should read all of them regardless, but this was you will be up to speed when you jump into this story.

Rath's Trial picks up after the events of the last book. In the last series you had Rath and Paisen and others working to take down the corrupt Janus group. They worked for the Janus group, but it was not all sunshine and roses or really what they expected. Yes, they did things they probably shouldn't have, namely killed people, but in the end they did try and right some of their wrongs. Rath in particular has a hard time with all of it. He can't forget anything and he does feel guilty for the part he played in the whole thing, though taking them down helped a bit. Now he wants to go back and see a lady he really cared about, but lied to as she was part of a job for him. He wants to see if he can possibly rekindle what they had now that he is no longer an assassin.

Through this story you see how each of these characters are dealing with the aftermath of what happened in the last stories. Rath is trying to make amends, but ends up arrested. He doesn't even really fight it as he knows what he did, but he also doesn't want to die. That and he has a new enemy who is after him for reasons that he does not know. So he has to try and figure out who is after him and why all while not getting the death penalty for killing so many people previously.

Paisen is working to try and use her skills for good, or better, reasons. She has put together a team of highly skilled fighters, though there is to be no more killing. Beauceron is trying to figure out his life now that he is a high profile and I know he has a job to do, but I didn't like him as much in this story. I mean he knows Rath and Paisen!

You also get to know Dasi more. She is trying to figure out how she can be helpful again. She needs a new way to make a difference after everything that happened and I am curious to see where her path with take her. Through this all, through everyone doing their thing, you have some new characters introduced and a whole lot of questions. Who are these people? Are they good or bad? It is not always clear and it will be interesting to see where everyone ends up. Will they all be on the same side fighting against the bad guys? Or will it be more complicated with the bad guys not really as obvious as they were? Will they end up fighting each other for what they think is right? We shall see. I can't wait for the next book so I can read more!

*Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


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