Don't Let Me Go (Right Side of Wrong #2) by Rin Daniels

Don't Let Me Go (Right Side of Wrong Book 2)


An uptown girl who gets what she wants...

Socialite Nadine Sherwood has been in love with her best friend since high school, and no amount of distance between them will convince her otherwise. The only thing standing in her way is him—sexy mechanic Lucas Bourdin has friend-zoned her so hard, she’s still seeing stars.

A loan shark with everything to lose...

Lucas is hiding more than just his feelings. One secret will put him in jail, and the other will break the heart of the one girl he doesn't want to hurt. Protecting her from both means protecting her from himself, but Nadine isn’t about to settle for anything less than what she wants.

Risking it all is the only way to win.

Everyone knows they don't belong together. She's an heiress with the world at her fingertips, and he's a delinquent from the wrong side of town. Lucas can't afford to let down his guard with an upscale girl who may just want a bad-boy fling. But Nadine will stop at nothing to prove that he can trust her with his secrets—and his heart.


I was hooked on Don't Let Me Go from the first page. I enjoyed Can't Buy Me Love, the first book in the series (though they are stand alone), in a strange way. The characters and everything just didn't seem real, but I enjoyed it. Don't Let Me Go was much better in that regards. I loved the characters and it felt more real to me. It didn't have that odd feel to it, and I feel like the writing in general was improved. It was so good! I really enjoyed the first book and I loved this one even more!

Lucas is this hot mechanic and loan shark (yes the same loan sharks from the first book!), though Nadine doesn't know about that last part. He is trying to figure out how to get out of the loan shark business, especially if he has any hope of being in a relationship with Nadine. It is hard though since he doesn't have a lot. He has never had much, but he has always figured out a way to survive.

Nadine is a rich girl still living with her family. They want her to associate with fine upstanding rich people, not mechanics like Lucas. Her parents try and set her up with suitable bachelors all the while she is pining away for Lucas. Really I don't know how or why she put up with as much as she did from her parents. It does come to a head eventually, but man I wouldn't have been able to take their interference in my life. At least not the way they did it. I kept waiting for her to stick up for herself with them.

Lucas and Nadine have been friends for years. Secret friends for the last few years since Nadine's parents don't approve. Lucas has seriously put her in the friend zone even though he definitely wants more. He just doesn't think he is good enough for her, at least the way he is now. We come into the story when Nadine is finally going to try and seduce Lucas! Oh it was so entertaining and so incredibly hot! They have serious chemistry together! It was just fun watching the two of them try and figure everything out. After so many years of being friends and everything they have to learn to be together in a different way. Really really a great read.

Of course there are some issues and Lucas' secrets come out at a bad time (though really it wasn't that bad), and they have some issues to deal with themselves before they can really be together. It is a quick read and just draws you right in from the start. I loved it! So hot and fun and the characters were just great. I can't wait for the next book!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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