Forever Us (Someday #3) by Melanie Shawn

Forever Us (The Someday Series Book 3)


They say nothing is worth having if you don’t have the courage to fight for it… 

After years of living in darkness and despair, Jace Butler found true love with his brown-eyed beauty Cat Nichols in Someday Girl. The former Marine made it clear to those who lived to make her feel insignificant that he would always be there to defend and protect her during their journey through One Day His. But when Cat’s mother Angelica James, the heartless, famous actress, exposes an impactful truth that changes everything, Jace will soon realize that someone else will need his love and protection… 

Will this new discovery, meant to breakup Cat and Jace, end their love or actually bring them closer together? Find out in the conclusion of this incredible love story….Forever Us. 

This is book 3 in the Someday Series.


Forever Us is the third and final book in the Someday series. You should have already read the first two books, Someday Girl and One Day His. This is not a standalone book.

Forever Us picks up right where One Day His left off with Natalya showing up to Thanksgiving dinner with Jace's surprise son Gavin. Of course this is Cat's mom trying to throw a wrench in everything and break Jace and Cat up. Unfortunately for her it doesn't work. Really they have an unbreakable bond and I knew Jace's son he didn't know he had wouldn't change that. They would just have to learn to adjust and deal with this new situation.

Man I didn't like Natalya in the first book, but she is cray cray. For some reason she thinks that now that they have a son Jace will be with her and they will be a little happy family. I am glad Jace just instantly stepped up and took care of Gavin. He was so great with him. Really by the end Natalya is just kind of sad.

Unfortunately Cat's mom just cannot leave her alone to be happy with Jace and Gavin. Man I will say Cat is a much better person than I am. She handles everything in such a classy way and she is just incredible. I would not be so nice to the horrible woman who is my mom. I am much more vengeful and would want to destroy her, but Cat is happy to just find a way to get her to leave her in peace. Really this was a quick read and a great end to a great series.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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