One Day His (Someday #2) by Melanie Shawn

One Day His (The Someday Series Book 2)


After finding each other and falling in love in Someday Girl, Cat and Jace’s incredible love story continues in One Day His. 

When the beautiful and sheltered Cat Nichols left her life in Malibu for a fresh start at college, she had no idea she would meet and fall in love with sexy former Marine Jace Butler. After confronting his difficult past together, the loving couple had hoped that the worst was behind them. But when a family emergency calls Cat back home, they will both soon realize that their newfound love is once again going to be put to the test. 

This time, Cat will come to face to face with the one person who, instead of loving her unconditionally, lives to darken her world, just to make their own shine brighter. Will Cat and Jace have the strength and courage to face their deepest, darkest fears when they are challenged in ways neither of them could have imagined? Or will outside forces tear them apart once and for all? 

You can’t choose the one you love, but you can fight like hell to protect them. 


One Day His is the second book in the Someday series. You should have read the first book, Someday Girl, already or you might be a bit lost. This book picks up right where the last book left off with Cat's mom in an accident and Cat and Jace going to check on her.

Cat is not very excited to be going back to her mom's house. She does not have a lot of good memories there and it just stresses her out. It was so nice to see Jace there with her lending her some of his strength. He is there for her and nothing is going to tear them apart. Luckily Cat does have two people who work for her mom who are amazing and look out for her as best they can.

When Cat arrives home she expects her mom to be in the hospital and such, but unfortunately that is not the case. Her mom is not really injured, but Cat has to stay to do publicity and act like they have a loving relationship. Really for the life of me I couldn't figure out why Cat went along with everything. Sure if she goes along with it then she gets some money to pay for school and such, but it doesn't seem worth it. Her mom is a nightmare and so evil! I don't know how Cat escaped growing up there without way more issues! It is crazy. Man I cannot imagine.

Throughout all of Cat's mom's verbal abuse Jace always wants to stand up for Cat. It was so hard watching him having to try and just sit there and take it since Cat asks him to. It is obvious her mom doesn't like him, but man the things she does. It was hard to read about someone so evil and really everyone involved with Cat's mom is no better. That poor girl.

There are a few surprises thrown in and you get to see more of Jace's past which just makes it even more apparent how great Cat and Jace are together. No matter what anyone tries to throw at them they are there for each other. Really a great read, though the surprise at the end?!? I need to read the next book now and see what happens!!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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