Chronicles of Kilix (Book #1) by T.K. Chapin

Chronicles Of Kilix (The Chronicles Of Kilix Book 1)


This is the first book in the series - Chronicles Of Kilix 

Sixteen-year-old Kilix begins his freshman year at Eldrook High as an outcast, hounded by the elite hacker gang Omega. His only friend is Lola, an unbridled artificial intelligence. She's not like the rest of the AI's that have been bridled for forty years to prevent another holocaust. 

Amidst Kilix's own troubles, his mother's health is rapidly deteriorating. Her condition is terminal unless he can raise money for a life-saving surgery, and he is open to any idea that could save her. 

With time running out for Kilix's mother, Lola has an idea that might just work. Besides the enormous risks of getting caught, it could reveal that he has released an AI--a crime so unspeakable that Kilix would be branded as a traitor against all humanity.


The Chronicles of Kilix is a children's book, but not one that is very good for adults to read. It is really simple and the writing is just not that good even for a kids book. That and the plot doesn't make a lot of sense if you are an adult reading the book. Maybe for a younger reader it would be good, but I don't know.

Kilix is starting a new school this year. He shows up with an old, almost out of date armband and he is kind of embarrassed to be singled out because of this by his teachers and everyone. He kind of makes friends with Loren that first day, but it is weird. The conversations and everything are just not right so it makes it an odd read. Like Loren is nice to him for a minute, then she gets with her other friends and isn't so nice, then nice again, then not, repeat again and again throughout the story. It just didn't make a lot of sense. Like they didn't really know each other or seem to like each other, but sometimes they said they were friends and by the end they apparently cared about each other, but you don't see that happen at all. Their conversations are always very simplistic and a bit stilted and so you don't see them actually care about the other at all. It was just every time they had a conversation it left me thinking what is happening? Is she a nice person? Are they friends? What is going on? It was too simple, no development, so it didn't make a lot of sense.

That and the plot in general had too many plot holes. Like something would happen and it was so sad, but it was like wait you just had a similar thing happen and you fixed it so why can you not do that now? It just didn't make a lot of sense. Again maybe if I were younger I wouldn't have noticed all the plot holes, but as it is it wasn't a great read. Fortunately it was a quick read so I didn't waste a lot of time on this book. I do think the general plot line is interesting, but it is just not executed well. At least not for an older reader.

Rating: ★ ★

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