Her Sudden Groom (Groom #1) by Rose Gordon

Her Sudden Groom (Groom Series Book 1)


The overly scientific, always respectable, and socially awkward Alexander Banks has just been informed his name resides on a betrothal agreement right above the name of the worst chit in all of England. With a loophole that allows him to marry another without consequence before the thirtieth anniversary of his birth, he has only four weeks to find another woman and make her his wife. Being the logical scientist he is, Alex decides to take his friend's advice and treat his quest for a bride just like a science experiment...

Caroline Sinclair is still trying to scrape her jaw off the floor after hearing her cousin, Lady Olivia's, latest announcement when the object of their conversation, Alex Banks, Olivia's intended, arrives for what Caroline assumes is a bout of drawing room chitchat with his betrothed. But when an experiment is mentioned, Caroline, who cannot resist a science experiment any more than she can deny her lungs air, volunteers to help before she even knows what his latest experiment is!


After reading all of these amazing Courtney Milan books I thought I would give some more old timey romances a try. I do this every so often, but I am usually disappointed which is why I don't read more of them. I am particular about them, and most of the time new books written in that style/time period don't work for me. Her Sudden Groom reminded me of one of Milan's so I thought I would give it a try. Super scientific Alex must marry someone before the month is up or he will be forced to marry this horrid lady, Lady Olivia. Lady Olivia doesn't want anything to do with Alex either really, but she does want the title and to do whatever she wishes. She is just a dreadful kind of person, and Caroline's cousin.

Caroline is drawn to Alex as she herself is interested in the same scientific things he is. They get along well enough and Olivia's brother, who is in charge of the household now, helps push the two of them together. Caroline doesn't know about the addendum to the contract that stated that Alex and Olivia will marry unless he marries another before he turns thirty. The first half of the book, Alex trying to woo Caroline and get her to agree to marry him before his birthday, was not my favorite. It was too...I am not sure. Too over the top for me in this context.

The second half of the book is Alex and Caroline learning to live together. Or course all of the secrets must come out and it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I expected more drama, maybe from Olivia or something, but it was just them both trying to get the other to fall in love with them. They were both in love, but neither of them realized that the either was in love with them so it was fun. It was nice to see the two of them come together and really be there for each other.

Overall this was an alright read. I didn't particularly care for the first half, but really enjoyed the second so it ended on a high for me.

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

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