Can't Buy Me Love (Right Side of Wrong #1) by Rin Daniels

Can't Buy Me Love (Right Side of Wrong Book 1)


A grifter looking to make good...

Kat Harris is good at three things: lying, running, and listening to her con artist parents. All three collided when she fell for a man that was supposed to be a mark, forcing the Harris family to flee Sulla Valley forever. Five years later, her dad’s in jail and she’s back in search of a fresh start—and a new opportunity to rekindle an old romance. Problem is, the only family she has left isn’t so keen on going legit, and a criminal past like hers isn’t that easy to outrun.

A billionaire tempted to break bad...

Adam has no time for any woman with dollar signs in her eyes—especially since the girl he’d fallen for turned out to be a gold-digging hustler. So when she walks back into his life, he’s prepared to kick her right back to the curb her felonious family came from. If only he could forget how good they were together.

Sometimes, two wrongs make a delicious right.

Falling back into her world could cost him his reputation. Dragging him into her troubles will cost her what’s left of her pride. But if they take the risk, a reformed con artist and the billionaire she wants most might find something even more valuable... a chance at real love.


I really enjoyed Can't Buy Me Love. I really enjoyed it because it was kind of ridiculous and not really how real people are and was just kind of amazing the way it was written. It is hard to explain. I just loved it even if was a bit off at times. It was not really, but kind of like a soap opera. I mean you watch your daytime soaps and that is not realistic you know? Like it is not really how people talk and behave and such right? They are kind of over the top in the way they are acted. While I don't really like soaps that is kind of what this book was like for me but in a different way. In a more fun way. I don't really know how to describe it, but I loved it. So it was a really enjoyable read for me. With a different author I could see me hating this story, but this one did a great job with it. I would recommended it if you are looking for something a little different in a great way. So much fun!

*some slight spoilers ahead from the first part of the book*

Kat is from a family of con artists. A few years ago they try to con Adam and even though that was the plan Kat fell for him. She hasn't seen him since, but she is now trying to be on the up and up. She moved back to his area so once she is settled and doing well she can try and win him back. She puts all of her money into opening her own salon and trying to get high class customers. I am not sure why, or why she doesn't work somewhere else and get established and such, but she doesn't. She keeps running into problems with construction and is constantly worried that she will not have enough to open if things keep popping up. It just read as strange to me. I'm not sure what it was about it, but something was off, but I still loved it. It was just like wait, you want to become super rich as a hairdresser? Alright, good luck with that.

When Adam shows up at one of these events she goes to where she is trying to find high class ladies for her salon she is not ready to see him. She wanted to be settled and making money legally before he saw her again. When he first sees Kat at the event he is intrigued by her, but doesn't remember her. Once she finds out, after some fooling around, that he doesn't remember her she is super pissed. Why I am not too sure since she didn't want him to see her before that. It was all very strange.

Adam quickly finds out who she really is and instead of being really angry or something he insists that they go out on a date. Again odd behavior. She tries to con you years ago and you just are like oh well I was angry but I moved on let's go out. Really? It is that easy? Alright. So they start dating and it is hot and yeah. It was odd, but hot and I loved reading it. It was just like who would just not even make a big deal about being lied to and whatnot? Whatever works for Adam I guess. I mean they worked as a couple and I loved them together so just have fun reading it.

While all of this is going on Kat is living with her mom who is a nightmare. She wants to keep up her extravagant lifestyle even though they don't have any money. She borrows money from some not so good people then runs to Kat for help when she can't pay up. Really by the end when you see everything she does it is just like dude, what is wrong with you? What is the strange part is the way it is written I have no idea why Kat enables her mom to continue spending money they don't have. Why does she let her mom get away with cutting her down and doing whatever she wants? Kat is not a weak person so it didn't make much sense how she just let her mom be crazy. Also the way the mom was written was kind of like a caricature of a crazy rich lady. So fun!

There are a lot of bumpy moments as you can imagine since Adam is not fully able to trust Kat and when things go bad, they go bad. Fortunately everything works out in the end and they live happily ever after. I really enjoyed this read. It is such a strange ride with lots of ridiculous things happening that made me just laugh and enjoy the book. It is amazing even though it is a but odd at times. So if you want something like that then this is the read for you.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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