Stripping the Billionaire (Heirs of Damon #4) by Noelle Adams

Stripping the Billionaire (Heirs of Damon Book 4)


For the last eight months, Mandy has lived across the hall from a caveman.

He won’t trim his beard, he mostly talks in grunts, and he’ll hardly emerge from his cave of an apartment. Ben might be a grumpy mess, but she kind of likes him anyway. She’s not attracted to him, of course. Not at all. Those stray feelings are merely a fluke. She’s looking for a man who has it all together, and Ben isn’t even close.

Benjamin Damon is heir to a billion-dollar corporate empire, but he has put his family and that whole lifestyle behind him. No one knows who he is now—not even his pretty princess of a neighbor who refuses to leave him alone.

When she ropes him into taking her with him to work on his mother’s historic Savannah home, he knows it’s a mistake. Mandy represents the world he’s tried so hard to escape, and he can’t let one woman strip him of the new man he’s tried to become. The more he’s with her, though, the more he wants her. Despite his best efforts, he’s falling for her hard—and dreading the day she finds out all of his lies.


After reading Engaging the Boss and getting to know Benjamin a little bit in that book I really wanted to read his story. He was so interesting in that story and I wanted to know his background, what happened to make him hate being a Damon.

Stripping the Billionaire was so much fun. I loved Ben and his cranky ways that hide how much he cares. I loved Mandy and how happy sunshine and roses she always was no matter how grumbly Ben was. She was the perfect opposite of him and it worked. So much fun reading these two!

Ben has issues with his family, particularly his uncle. He cut himself off from them years ago after some things happened. I will admit I was expecting more of something to have happened, but when you get to the story of his past it works. It made sense even if it wasn't one big huge blow up that changed everything. Since then he has pretty much tried to keep away from people, only Mandy won't let him hide away by himself.

Mandy lost her parents and since then has been trying to find that feeling of being in a family. She has lots of friends, but no one to really have that connection with. She keeps going on dates trying to find the guy who is ready for marriage and a family and everything immediately. She of course is not finding it as she doesn't really give the guys that much of a chance. She is drawn to Ben even though he is definitely not someone who would fit into her plan. She doesn't know why she is even drawn to him. It is not like he is attractive with his wild hair and overgrown beard.

When Ben has to go back home to help his mom fix up her house Mandy manages to convince Ben to take her with him. Of course this leads to them starting to fall for each other, but with Ben's complicated past and not being truthful to Mandy about who he really is well there are some problems along the way. Really it was a sweet story and I loved the two of them together. Ben grows and learns to deal with his issues and Mandy is just amazing. Loved them together, loved this book.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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