Girl Most Likely by Donna Alward

The Girl Most Likely


No one wants to take a risk on The Girl Most Likely To Have Fun...except the one person in the world she'd rather not ask. Katie Buick dreams of opening her own niche restaurant, but finding a financial backer for a reformed party girl is proving impossible. Until she makes a final desperate plea to Ric Emerson, former geek and high school friend turned successful businessman. Too bad they haven't spoken since she humiliated him before their prom. The last thing she expects is for him to say yes, or for him to have made such a complete transformation from old friend to heartthrob. But she learned the hard way that nothing good comes from mixing business with pleasure. Ric knows Katie's idea is brilliant, and with his business acumen and her work ethic, they're sure to be a success. Building the business brings Ric and Katie closer together. Chemistry still simmers between them, blurring the lines between personal and professional despite their best intentions. Ric trusts Katie to make their business a success, but can he trust her with his heart a second time?


Girl Most Likely was an alright read, bit it was a tad annoying at times for me. The whole stuck in high school, stuck in the past and having what happened back then be such a huge deal was just...I didn't like it. That and Katie is super insecure and not able to really take help from anyone. She must do things on her own because otherwise people might say she only helped! Her whole obsession with what other people thinks got a bit tiring at times.

Katie used to be a party girl. She was voted the girl most likely to have fun in high school and since then she has tried to change peoples view of her. She has an idea for a restaurant, but she cannot get financial backing for her project. So she turns to Ric. Ric who she used to be sorta friends with in high school. Well friends in the sense that their parents knew each other and they would hang out at gatherings together. Ric who used to be the school geek, but has since turned himself into quite the looker. Ric who she humiliated one day in high school and which she still feels bad about. She actually regrets it because she wanted to accept his offer, but instead humiliated him because her cool kid friends were around.

Ric has grown up since high school. He has always had a crush on Katie and her humiliation helped him become the man he is now. He worked hard to make himself worthy of someone like her. He still has some hang ups about that, still thinks he is not good enough when they start working together, but he still hopes they can be together one day. He really cares about her and this time he doesn't want to give up without really trying.

Katie likes Ric, likes him more than she ever thought she could, but because of some past mistakes she refuses to act on it. Whenever he tries to further their relationship besides business partners she pushes him away. She keeps telling him they can never be more, but he sees that she wants him as well. She is so focused on doing everything herself, she has to do it by herself with no help from anyone else, that she will just ruin the best thing to ever happen to her. She will push away the one person who really sees her for who she is and will always be there for her. She is so stupid and stubborn and yeah she annoyed me at times. The worst thing is *Slight spoiler alert* that she doesn't really change or learn by the end of the book. Well maybe in the last seconds, but even when Ric tells her he will do whatever to have her, even when he is willing to give up everything for her, when she should have that change of heart she doesn't in that moment. She is just like yes! I get everything and everyone will know it was all me and only me! Win. Then something happens and makes her realize that she can be with Ric and work with him on her dreams. My eyes rolled so much in that last chapter. Not the best read as it was annoying at times, but oh well.

Rating: ★ ★

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