Beautiful Innocence (Southern Comfort #2) by Kelly Mooney

Beautiful Innocence (Southern Comfort Book 2)


Life hasn’t always been easy for nineteen-year old Ava Berry, but her and her mom have always gotten through things together. When her mom suddenly disappears, Ava knows she’s in trouble. Her mom would never leave her alone with the likes of her vile boyfriend and his evil son. Ava sees her one chance to break away and she makes a run for the one home she always desired, but never had.

Josh Woods, a twenty-eight year old self-proclaimed bachelor has no desire to settle down—ever. While working at Wood Securities, his brother’s private investigation firm, many files have landed on his desk. Nothing prepares him for the pair of blue eyes attached to his latest case and the sheer power they have to be his game changer.

Will Josh be able to keep Ava safe from her past or will the threat destroy his chance at happiness with the one girl who managed to open up his heart?


Beautiful Innocence is a really sweet story. I loved it even if it was a bit cheesy at times. It was just a really great read.

Ava hasn't had the easiest of lives. The book opens when she is escaping from something. She is pretty tight lipped about what happened and where she came from. If someone tries to talk to her about it she just says it is in her past. She goes to Charleston because her aunt, who she has never met, lives there. Her mom disappeared and Ava assumed she got out and will come looking for her there. That was their secret plan to go to Charleston.

When she gets there she gets a job at and room above her aunts bar. She runs into Josh pretty quick and sees for herself what a playboy he is. When Josh gets called in by her aunt to try and find the mom (unbeknownst to Ava) they get thrown together a bit. Josh is such a great guy even if he is hesitant to start something with Ava. He obviously likes her, but he is afraid of  his feelings for her. His first foray into love did not end well and since then he has never wanted to let himself be that vulnerable again. He just cannot help himself though when she is around and it quickly gets serious.

Ava is so sweet and kind and just a great person. At the beginning of the book she is kind of a scared girl, though she still has a bit of a backbone. By the end she is this not exactly fearless, but super strong girl who is amazing. She is still afraid of some things at the end, but she doesn't back down from them. It is great.

Through it all, from the very beginning, Josh is there for Ava. They quickly grow close and they were just so sweet. Josh is a great guy and even though there are a some bumps in the road he is great. He is just wonderful with her and I really liked them together. Sure you know most of what is going on and as the story unfolds it becomes more and more evident what Ava's running away from, but it was a great read. It was a bit cheesy at times even though the story deals with some very dark topics, but it is a light, fun read. I just loved Ava and Josh together.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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