A Long Goodbye (Southern Comfort #1) by Kelly Mooney

A Long Goodbye (Southern Comfort Book 1)


Unable to pretend to be the perfect daughter, marry the perfect Southern gentleman, and have perfect babies like her overprotective father expects her to, Ashton Winslow and her best friend, LuLuBelle set out on a two-week vacation to change all that.

Two weeks of freedom is exactly what she craves and needs. Ashton is tired of being told she's perfect, and tired of pretending to be someone she isn't. She wants to reinvent herself, if only for a short time and she hopes Nashville is the place to do it. Preferably with a smooth talking cowboy. 

With no one watching her every move, or so she thinks, Ashton finds the one person who finally sees her for the woman she wants to be. 

Dane Woods has just come home from fighting overseas after losing his best friend. Everyone, including himself expects him to reenlist for another tour, but he can't break a promise he made to his dying friend. 

The last thing Dane has on his mind while tailing a Southern Princess like Ashton Winslow is falling in love. She's supposed to be two week job, but it turns into so much more. 

Will Dane risk everything to be with Ashton or will his lies and betrayal destroy her love for him?


I was looking for a cheesy read one night so I picked up A Long Goodbye. I didn't think it would be anything that would really draw me in, but I was wrong. I enjoyed this story so much more than I thought I would.

Ashton has a very overprotective dad who tries to control her entire life. He has everything planned out for her. Who she is going to marry, what she will do (stay home and take care of the kids of course) and everything. Only problem? Ashton doesn't want any of that. She doesn't want to marry the guy her dad keeps trying to push on her as he is a terrible person. She wants to work, she wants to do things, she wants to be herself.

Ashton is in her twenties and so old enough to make her own decisions, but for some reason still lets her dad control her life. She wants to take a two week trip with her best friend, and she first asks her dad for permission That whole things is just like wait what? If he said no you really wouldn't go? You are an adult! You can do what you want! I didn't quite understand why she never stood up for herself with him even after she explained it, but oh well. They are going on their trip and she is going to have an amazing time.

Since her dad is way overprotective he hires Dane to follow her. He is supposed to be sneaky about it, she must never know her dad hired a guard for her while she travels. Only problem? Dane finds himself drawn to Ashton. He likes her from the start and he cannot sit back and watch as other guys hit on her.

Ashton is drawn to Dane as well, though she doesn't know who he really is. They have their two weeks and they both fall for the other, but what happens when the get back to the real world? That to me was the best part of the book. It was not rushed, it was not magically everything is fixed in two pages, the author took the time to really make the story work. Ashton has some growing up to do, she needs to learn to stand up for herself and what she wants, and Dane has some issues of his own keeping him from doing whatever he wants. I must say Ashton still makes some stupid decisions, decisions that don't make much sense, but at least she starts to grow and become a stronger person. I really liked the will they be able to figure this all out and live happily ever after that you get in the last part of the book. A surprisingly good read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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