Sweet Harmonies (Hope Falls #2) by Melanie Shawn

Sweet Harmonies (A Hope Falls Novel Book 2)


When Karina Black hit it big in music, she didn’t think it would mean giving up her name, her friends, her family, and the music that she loved. It was time for change and that’s just what the sexy, sassy Native American was looking for when she decided to move back home to Hope Falls. What she wasn’t looking for was love… 

When Ryan Perkins moved to Hope Falls, he knew that it would mean helping his granny run her café and maybe allowing himself the time to indulge in his love for music. Beyond that, the rugged, sculpted charmer didn’t expect anything more than the simplicity that the quiet community offered. What he didn’t know was that Hope Falls offered much more than simplicity… 

Will Karina really be able to give up her pop star life and fight for the music she wants while also opening her heart to the sweet melody of love? Will Ryan be able to live in Karina’s not so simple world? Or will they both stop the noise around them and make Sweet Harmonies of their own together?


Sweet Harmonies is the last in the Hope Falls series that I had to read. I purposely saved it for last since I don't really like famous people in my books and Karina Black is a pop star.

Karina was never my favorite character in the other books in this series. She is alright, and everyone says she is not like her super star persona normally and the author does show that, but her normal everyday self I don't really like that much. She is fine, just not my favorite person ever. She is back in Hope Falls to focus more on herself and the music she wants to make. She loves making music, but since becoming a star she has kind of gotten away from her roots. She doesn't like all the things that come with being a famous singer, but it is worth it to play her music. She is not looking for any complications, not looking to fall in love, just looking to be herself for a bit.

Ryan just recently came to town to help his granny run her cafe. From the first time they see each other they are both attracted to the other. Ryan is also a singer, but he is just a simple guy. He plays at the cafe sometimes, but nothing flashy. At first he doesn't even realize that Karina is the famous singer, but he was cute. I liked him, he seemed like a great guy.

So Karina is not really sure if she wants anything serious. She likes Ryan a lot and is attracted to him and all, but...but this is not what she wanted when she came back to town so...she had some issues to work through before they could get to their happily ever after. Add to that music industry stuff, Ryan maybe becoming a star as well since he is so good, etc, it al gets jumbled together into an alright read, but not my favorite out of the series. Still not bad.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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