Time Stands Still by Lori L. Otto

Time Stands Still: Book Two of the Emi Lost & Found series


Emi Hennigan could never have predicted her life would be like this. After wasting more than ten years being “just a friend” to her true love, Nate Wilson, Emi feels more than a little regret. Her future was set, though. Nate loved her as much as she loved him, and they were moving forward with a romance that took them both by surprise. They already knew their bad habits, quirks and the subtle nuances of expressions, but the love was all-encompassing and new to them both. 

No man could compete, Emi thought, until one night – one evening, one party, one journey, one second alters her course completely. 

That night, her brother’s confident best friend, Jack Holland, comes back into her life with a mission: to spend more time with Emi to prove he is the right man for her. A romance with him is the furthest thing from Emi’s mind, though, staying loyal and steadfast to a trusted man that she will always love. 

In a year’s time, though, Emi must learn to make changes she’d never before considered after being impacted by unexpected events. While her fragile spirit takes time to heal, Jack slowly finds a comfortable place in her life. Only time will tell if it’s right for Emi – and enough for him.


*There will be some spoilers, especially from the first book*
After not really loving Lost & Found I was curious to see what would happen in Time Stands Still, the second book in the Emi Lost & Found series. The ending of the first book is kind of cryptic so you don't know what will happen. Well Nate dies. He is dead at the beginning of this book, and Emi has lost the baby. Now at first I was a little upset by this. Not because he died, I never liked him so it wasn't as tragic as it would have been if I had loved his character, but because it was kind of a cop out way for her to move on to the one she should be with. I never saw Nate and Emi lasting forever. It just didn't feel right to me ever. At the beginning I just kept thinking it would have been better for things to not work out with them and she can move on. But that is not what happens so I tried to go with it. Really it was an interesting read. I am glad it was told from Emi's point of view as you really needed to see what she was thinking/feeling.

Emi struggles to be alone again. Struggles to be without her best friend and supposed soul mate. She thinks Nate was it for her so she will never get that love again. She sees Nate sometimes in her dreams and really she just has a lot to deal with. It was pretty well written. Emi just kind of shuts down for a while and just does her work to distract her.

Then Jack gets more involved. He obviously has like Emi since that fateful kiss. She does eventually find out that it was Jack that she kissed all those years ago, and she realizes Nate never told her the truth about the kiss. Nate and Emi never really talked about it, but it does shake up Emi's perspective a little bit. So it was Jack's kiss that she had the instant connection with, not Nate. Jack that she had been searching for forever. Emi says at one point that that kiss, thinking it was Nate, was one of the reasons why she gave it a go with Nate. I get Emi's struggles to move on. I get how she doesn't want to take away from what she had with Nate, but can she just move on with Jack? I get it all. It was a bit soon for me personally, but it wasn't written in an incredibly fast way. Really I kept trying to figure out how much time had passed. They kept say things like this past year and such so...I just wanted Jack and Emi to live happily ever after as I loved them together.

I was really enjoying the later part of the book when they start hanging out more. Jack was amazing. He is so patient and kind and wonderful with Emi. He never pressures her and is just amazing. Emi has some things to work through before she can be with Jack. She wants to be whole to be with him. She knows she wants to be with him forever, but she needs time to get to that point with him. It was a great read and I loved seeing them together. The last part though, where they fight with the brother, I don't really get it. I don't really get why they can't have one day of remembering Nate. I get that Emi has been remembering him every day, but why can't they all just have a little time to remember him on this the day he died? I know Chris, the brother, was a bit upset and hurtful about Jack and Emi, but they could also have been a bit more compassionate. Is the anniversary of Nate's death really the day you want to tell everyone that you are in love with someone else? It just...it didn't seem right to me. It made it seem more like Emi is trying to forget Nate, trying to outrun the hardships of this past year, and just move on with someone else like her brother was saying. I just didn't really like it.

Then the last pages...poor Jack. I wish Emi would open up and talk to him more! I mean he is probably going to be thinking she is not really all in like he thought she was. If she just said something he would know and understand how hard this time would be for her. He would be there for her and it would make them stronger. Instead she doesn't open up to him about saying goodbye to Nate so...we shall see how the next book goes. I am assuming it will end on a happy note since everyone seems to love this series. Hopefully! I just love Jack and he is amazing so I want him to be happy!

Rating: 3.5/5

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