Marry Me, Cowboy by Lilian Darcy

Marry Me, Cowboy (Copper Mountain Rodeo)


Champion barrel-racer Tegan Ash has nothing left to go home to in her native Australia and every reason to stay in the USA. But her visa is about to expire, and her prospective groom has called off their green-card wedding. 

Jamie MacCreadie doesn’t actually want to marry a woman he can't stand, but his best friend and fellow rodeo rider Chet has just let her down and, somehow, he finds himself offering to do the deed instead. 

There’s no chance it could turn into the real thing, because they have nothing in common… do they?


Marry Me, Cowboy is the second Copper Mountain Rodeo series. Interestingly enough they are written by different authors. The books in this series are written by different authors and the first one I read, Promise Me, Cowboy, was good until the end when I felt it just ended too quickly. This one was quick, but I liked it. I didn't mind it so much.

Tegan needs a green card wedding so she can stay in the states. She has nothing to go back to Australia for. She is supposed to marry Chet, but he backs out at the last minute. Tegan initially blames Jamie as well...they can't stand each other. She assumes he said or did something to make Chet change his mind the night before the wedding. Since she is not getting her green card wedding she resolves herself to moving back to Australia until she can figure some way to come back.

Jamie doesn't know how to talk to women. He never seems to say much around them, which is usually not an issue. Tegan calls him out on his lack of conversation and they have a fun argumentative relationship. They never seem to hang out one on one in the two years they have known each other. Chet is always there as well as they are all friends. When Chet reveals his big secret and leaves to go visit his family Jamie and Tegan find themselves alone together for the first time. They realize maybe they don't hate each other. Maybe they like the argumentative relationship they have had for the past two years.

Once they get together things do move quickly, but I liked it. They were cute together and they worked. I enjoyed this story.

Rating: 4/5

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