About That Night by Julie James

About That Night (FBI/U.S. Attorney)


Though Rylann Pierce tried to fight the sparks she felt for billionaire heir Kyle Rhodes the night they met, their chemistry was undeniable. But after being stood up, she never expected to see him again. Nine years later, the beautiful assistant U.S. attorney finds herself face to face with Kyle in a courtroom-and still wildly attracted to him. Just released from prison, Kyle isn't thrilled to be the star witness in a high-profile criminal case. But he may find gorgeous Rylann Pierce is the one lawyer he can't refuse.


About That Night was another great read from Julie James. I know I am not reading these books in order, but oh well. This one is all about Kyle and Rylann and man was it good. 

Kyle and Rylann had met nine years ago at a bar. Nothing really happens, but they are  both drawn to each other. He ends up walking her home and is supposed to come back and go on a real date....only he never shows. He has good reason to, but I am not sure why he never came back after that. Anyways now Kyle has been to jail after doing something incredibly stupid while drunk and hurting from a public break up. He knew right away that he messed up and gave himself up as soon as he heard about the problem. He is almost done with his home arrest, and in his last hearing, when the judge can let him go free, who walks in as the opposing attorney? Of course it is Rylann. She gets stuck on the case since the lead got called away for something else. 

Rylann has only recently returned to Chicago after working in San Francisco for a number of years. She had a serious boyfriend, but things ended and she had to get out of town. Rylann is so organized and compartmentalized. She has a six month get over Jon plan and everything. She is very strict in her life and doesn't really do wild and fun. She has always had her life planned out years in advance which was fun to read. You knew Kyle was going to mess with her well thought out plans. 

Of course the two get thrown together after Kyle is a free man. Rylann needs his help with a case, and for her he is willing for work with the U.S. Attorney's office. The last guy in charge was a real jerk and gave Kyle the maximum, so he would have good reason to not cooperate. Since Kyle has not really stopped thinking about Rylann all these years, and it is obvious there is still something there between them, working together gets tricky. Rylann is so strict in her rules though she will not let anything happen while he is still her witness. 

Once he is no longer her witness though things get hot and fun. Since he is an ex-con and she works for the U.S. Attorney she doesn't want anyone to know about her wild and fun nights with him. They agree that they will be together only in her place, outside of that they are not a couple. Well of course that only works for so long before Kyle wants more. When he comes back one morning because he forgot his watch and sees Rylann with her ex, Jon, he has that perfect controlled but angry reaction. Often times in books I find the guy will be this tough guy and would have gone and beat Jon up (or tried to anyways), but Kyle, while angry, still tries to be calm and collected. I just thought finally! This is the way you should react to a situation like this. I don't often like the trend of the male being super violent and that somehow is dreamy. I like the angry, but he is able to control it and resolve the situation without anyone getting hurt. So bravo Julie James. Thanks for writing a tough guy lead who does not have anger issues. 

The end was so sweet and great, Rylann is all worried about telling people, worried about what everyone will say, which is why she didn't want to tell them in the first place. Really everyone in these stories seem like they are great. They all are just really nice, caring people. It just makes me want to read more to find out all of their stories. 

Rating: 4/5

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