Never Look Back by Lori L. Otto

Never Look Back: Book Three of the Emi Lost & Found series


To say Emi Hennigan’s life over the past two years has had its share of peaks and valleys is an understatement – and her friends and family would agree. With the unanticipated romance with her best friend, and the unforeseen friendship with her brother’s acquaintance, Emi sees a new future unfolding right before her pale green eyes. Her optimism returning, she is gaining more confidence in her emotions, and she welcomes her newfound happiness. 

Jack Holland is elated that Emi has allowed him into her life. For him, it was love at first sight when they met in college, and after years of keeping his feelings in check at the advice of his best friend, he is finally free to express to Emi exactly how she affects him. Always practical and level-headed, the growing romance inspires Jack to let down his guard. 

His patience rewarded, everything appears to be falling into place until Emi delivers shocking news to Jack that will force him to reevaluate his priorities. Knowing what he’s always wanted in life, he has to decide what he’s willing to sacrifice to be with the woman he loves – even if he’s not always certain his feelings are returned. 

In the conclusion to Emi Lost & Found, Jack guides Emi through a year of self-discovery, and teaches her that faith in true love – and in soul mates – can yield happiness from even the darkest of places.


*Some spoilers ahead*
I really wanted to like Never Look Back. I mean it is from Jack's point of view. I loved Jack in the second book. Absolutely loved him, but man this book just dragged on and on and on. I thought it was never going to end. Jack's voice was different from the others, way too many useless descriptions and stuff. I just...I was hoping for more.

In this book you do get to see Jack's point of view the first time Emi and him kissed and that New Years Eve before the car crash, and a bit of what it was like for him that night with Emi in the hospital and all. I did enjoy those parts, enjoyed seeing how he thought of the situations. I still liked him in this book, but man Emi seemed to be all over the place. She was always so...not really ready to move on. Always seemed to be looking for a way out or something. She was just annoying, and this book was like trying to be 400 pages of heartbreaking intense conversation which just didn't work! I just got to the point where I was like when is this going to be over?!?!

There is the whole Emi cannot have a baby anymore, which is pretty obvious that will be the shocking news, which made me want to bang my head against the wall. Emi just pulls away from Jack and doesn't tell him what is going on. She is so...she just keeps hurting him throughout the book and I didn't like it. Then she uses the not able to physically have their children as a way to try and push him away, My favorite part of the whole book was when Jack goes off on Emi and leaves her in the ER with her brother. I just thought finally! Yes! She is acting like she wants out and using anything she can to keep from moving forward with you. How much are you actually willing to take from her, how much hurt and heartache, before you move on too. It was just like I wish he would have called her out on the way she was acting sooner. Then she doesn't show up at the airport in time for the flight! Really? Really. You had pain pills and didn't set an alarm. Okay. That is just...really? You didn't set an alarm. This meant so much to you that you didn't do everything you could possibly do to make sure you are there to see Jack? I just...Jack was in a bad place because you couldn't be bothered to set an alarm. I know it would have been better had his phone not broken and he could have taken her calls, but still. I really didn't like Emi much in this third book.

Then the end was just a little too easy and perfect. They are getting married on New Years day. On Christmas Eve they are at the children's hospital reading to the kids and magically both fall in love with the most perfect little girl who's mom had just recently passed away and so she was in foster care and they were able to pretty quickly adopt her. Yeah. It always seems like it is easy to just find an amazing kid who is perfect and adopt them. I mean people don't wait years trying to find a baby to adopt. I have never personally looked into it, but I have always been lead to believe it is difficult to adopt a kid and takes time. I seemed too sunshine rainbows everything is perfect ending. With the rest of the story not like that it just felt like it was trying too hard to be perfect.

I'm not really sure why everyone loves this series. I had heard so many great things about it, but overall I was just very disappointed. The first book I didn't enjoy at all. I didn't love Nate like everyone else seemed to. I didn't think he was right for Emi at all. Then the second book I did enjoy a lot more, but still it wasn't amazing. I was hoping this last book would be amazing so it would make sense, but it just was way too long and drawn out. Really I feel like the second and third book could have been combined into one and it would have been much better. I just don't get all the praise for this series...

Rating: 2/5

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