Something Yellow by Laura Templeton

Something Yellow


It has been thirteen years since Holly’s nine-year-old sister, Rachel, disappeared without a trace.

It has been thirteen years since Holly left her hometown.

It has been thirteen years since Holly’s first love and high school boyfriend, Houston, was the only suspect.

Now another nine-year-old girl has disappeared. 

Holly is back, and so is Houston—never charged and still proclaiming his innocence.

Can she trust him . . . should she trust him?


Something Yellow is a hard one for me to rate. It was very well written, but the story was missing something. It was a good read though. The cover makes it look like a nice story. Maybe some high school kids meet and fall in love in the flowers or something. I mean I understand why the field of flowers are there now, but it is so upbeat it doesn't prepare you for the pretty depressing story that it is. Not that I minded that. I actually really enjoy sad depressing stories.

Holly's sister Rachel disappeared 13 years ago. Houston was the last person to have seen her. He was dropping her off at dance class, but she wandered over to the park to look at the flowers. He didn't wait to make sure she made it inside. Holly has always held Houston responsible for her disappearance and is certain he took her. Now Holly must come back to town and care for her dying mother, and Houston is in town as well. Another girl goes missing.

Holly was...she is 31. She acts most of the time like she is 12. I kept having to remind myself that she is supposed to be 31. Houston tries to talk to her, people in town try to talk to her about Houston, people keep trying to explain to her why he is there and such and every time she is just acting like she will hold her ears closed with her fingers singing "la la la la la la" so she cannot hear anything. It was a bit ridiculous, and while I understand that she needed to hate someone and blame someone for Rachel's disappearance I still, even after reading her reasons, don't understand why that person was her then boyfriend of 2 years Houston. It wasn't because he didn't make sure Rachel made it inside. She had already written him off as a horrible person days before this for no real good reasons. I don't think they would have made it as a couple even if she didn't jump to horrible conclusions before asking him about the things she saw. If they can't be open with each other how will they work? I mean she never mentioned his home life and he never shared it either. So she seemed to always jump to horrible conclusions about everyone.

Besides hating Houston she also hates where she grew up. She never comes to visit and doesn't even seem to keep in contact with her family much. I understand that. I understand hating your small town where you grew up and escaping as soon as you can. I understand turning your back on everything that reminds you of there. I get it, I did the same thing when I went off to college. I didn't shun my family though. We had tragedy just before I left as well, but people react differently. Holly was so stubborn in her weird horrible views of things. I really didn't like Holly. She is 31 and she has not grown up at all. She clings to the past so tightly she cannot move on. She needs to learn to let go and get some closure so she can be happy. Just because Rachel disappeared doesn't mean Holly's life should be over. When she is confronted with some new information about her sister's disappearance she just stubbornly refuses to believe it. The person must have seen it wrong or was confused. She is so stubborn in clinging to her hatred of Houston and everything it got to be a bit much. When people started to finally go off on her like look you need to move on! What is wrong with you? You can never see what is right in front of you, you just see what you want to see I just thought yes! Thank you! Please listen to these people who obviously care about you and work on moving on.

The ending, what happened and who was involved, I figured that is what had happened. Even though I really didn't like Holly I still did enjoy this book. Even though I kept thinking she is 31? Really?? She doesn't seem like it! I still liked reading it. It was really well written. I would definitely read more from this author, though I probably won't re-read this book. Still a worthwhile read just for how well it was written.

Rating: 3/5

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