Freefall by Tess Oliver

Freefall: Custom Culture #1


After leaving high school, with a hard won diploma and the title of most likely to break hearts, Alexander “Nix” Pierce has left his wild, out of control years mostly behind him. A small inheritance from his grandfather has given him the funds to open up his tattoo shop, Freefall, and he has started to pull his life together. Aside from trying to keep his best friend, Dray, from killing himself in the fight ring, and his slight obsession with a pin-up model he’s never met, Nix’s life is going smoothly . . . until Scotlyn James, the object of his obsession, walks into his shop. 

Ever since a tragic accident killed her family and left her alone in the world, Scotlyn James hasn’t spoken one word. Up until now she didn’t care that she had no way of talking to people. Her awful aunt would never have listened, and Lincoln Hammond the arrogant, selfish man who pulled her from the streets of Los Angeles wouldn’t hear her words if she could speak. But when Lincoln insists she get a tattoo to cover up a scar on her side, Scotlyn meets the artist, Nix Pierce. And now she longs for her voice. Now she has found someone who will hear her.


So I downloaded Freefall not really expecting much from it. The synopsis had a few things that intrigued me, but together I was kind of eh on it. I like tattooed boys, the idea of the girl not talking is great, but the rest of it just just didn't seem like it would be amazing. Unfortunately I was right and it wasn't.

Freefall wasn't the worst book I have ever read or anything, but it wasn't good. The main issue? The characters. So Scotlyn hasn't spoken since the accident that took her entire family from her. She was raised by her aunt who was super religious and not very nice, then lived on the streets and Lincoln saved her. So now she is stuck with Lincoln, doing whatever he says. I don't really know why she stays though. She knows she is not happy and that she does not love him, so why does she stay? I think you are supposed to feel like she doesn't have any other options, that her hard life has made her weak or something, but I didn't get that. I don't really know why she hasn't tried to learn sign language or do anything for herself. It didn't make sense. It is not like she couldn't, or didn't believe that she could. I think you are supposed to think that, but the way the character was written I was just like what is your issue? You hate this and want to get out, so why are you not trying to get out? You seem fine, you seem like you could if you wanted to do something besides think about how much you dislike Lincoln. I mean what do you normally do all day? What have you been doing all day? Sitting around doing nothing? It didn't make sense to me. I didn't get her character. So she cannot talk, she should still be able to do things. I have read plenty of other books, good books, where the main character doesn't talk. They are not just reliant on someone else to do everything for them. They manage to have a life themselves. I just didn't get her.

Then Nix. He has had a rough past, but he saw a flier of a pinup girl once and has kept the picture with him ever since. When Scotlyn walks into his tattoo shop he is instantly in love with her because she is the girl from the photo! They start having a relationship kind of even though she is seeing/supposed to marry Lincoln! Of course Nix wants to remove her from the situation she is in and have her stay with him until she can figure things out. It was just...the characters weren't believable.

So of course everything blows up at the end and the way it is all resolved was really lame. Like really? It is that easy? Okay. I was just a not very good story. If Scotlyn would have been weak, more vulnerable and unable to do things for herself, it would have been better. Still not great, but at least I would have understood her more. The writing was just not the best. I went and looked and apparently I have read quite a few books by this author and all of them were just eh for me. I need to remember this for the future.

Rating: 2/5

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