Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines

Forever Too Far: A Rosemary Beach Novel (The Rosemary Beach Series)


When you find your reason for living, hold onto it. Never let it go. Even if it means burning other bridges along the way.

Things haven’t been easy for Blaire and Rush. The couple has been tested by the revelation of shocking family secrets and a surprising event that forced them to come to terms with their future. Yet there has never been any doubt: their love knows no limits, and they’ll do whatever it takes to stay together.

Now they’re ready to settle down in Rosemary Beach and build a family. For Blaire, it’s a fantasy come true. But while Rush has promised Blaire forever, his loyalty to his spoiled and manipulative sister, Nan, strains their would-be happiness. Rush is ready to be a family man, but which family will he ultimately choose?


Man I remembered not liking Forever Too Far as much as the other Rush/Blaire books, but I didn't remember disliking Rush at any point. I always really liked him because it was obvious how much he cares about Blaire. Yes he messes up, but he doesn't mean to. He reminds me a bit of an old boyfriend who had similar tendencies. It was all good cause I knew he cared about me, it was just not how he thought. This book though...I really didn't like Rush in the middle, but he did grudgingly end up winning me over again by the end.

You see a lot more of Nan in this book and man is she a nightmare manipulator. Rush rushes off, with Blaire's insistence, to LA to try to help get a handle on Nan. She showed up wanting her rock star dad to love her, but she is such a nightmare and he just does not care at all. Not a good combo and Nan just won't try to be nice or anything. I think she only knows toxic. So why did I end up disliking Rush? Well there is a family dinner he organized to try and help Nan and her dad get along. Rush leaves the room for a moment and Nan starts attacking Blaire, and Blaire is very nice but doesn't put up with it. She tries to show Nan she won't take that, but not in an evil way. Always classy that Blaire. Of course Nan runs off and Rush goes after her and Nan's is all Blaire said mean things to me! And Rush believes ever word she says. He believes that Blaire was horrible to Nan, not that Blaire was just reacting and defending herself to her. He actually believed that Blaire, sweet sweet Blaire, was horrible to Nan. I really wish Blaire would have called him out on that. He talked to Blaire the next day and before she could he was interrupted again, by Nan's shenanigans, and it is seemingly forgotten. I was so angry with Rush over this. I really I couldn't believe that he would ever believe that Blaire would be evil to Nan. Not once has Blaire ever tried to be anything but nice to Nan, or defending herself with her. It just made me angry and he had to work hard to win me back.

There is some Blaire/Rush drama in there then, caused by Rush choosing Nan over Blaire, but it is pretty instantly resolved. Finally Rush does do something about Nan, but man does he take his sweet time. He really needs to learn to actually follow through with his threats. He never does so why should anyone change their ways? So overall I didn't enjoy this story as much as the other books. Rush annoyed me at times, but it ended on a high for me.

Rating: 3/5

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