Where I Need to Be by Kimberly Knight

Where I Need to Be (B&S Series #1)


Spencer Marshall was done moping. After catching her boyfriend cheating with his secretary, she decides to have a girl's weekend in Vegas with her best friend Ryan. Lady Luck must be looking out for Spencer, because that weekend will change her life forever. Despite what people say, not everything stays in Vegas.


Wow this book was not good. I'm struggling to think of anything I did like about it, besides the fact that it was short so I was done with it quickly. Everything else was just bad. The writing itself was not good. I am not a writer. Not at all. I write things like this, but it is just written like I think. Well this book is like I write a trip report or something, but turned into a book. It was like an outline with bullet points turned into sentences. And then we went here. Then we did this. Then at 1:00 we did this. And after that we did this. After that we went there. And on and on for the whole book! It was just not good. Too much insignificant details as well. Like they went out to dinner, and then Brandon took them back to his place so he could get his car and drive them home. And then he did drive them home. Okay...I am not sure why I needed that much detail. You could have just said after dinner Brandon drove us home, I don't care if you had to go back to his place to get the car first and then drive home...it was just too much insignificant detail on your outline of a story. Maybe if something happened at his place, more than just he sentence that told me you went there first to pick up there car, then okay. There was also a lot of detail on things that did not matter, like a section on how to play Texas Hold em which doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of the story. Yes they played cards a few times, but it really wasn't important for you to know in great detail how to play the game they played. 

So too much detail in outline form for most of the story, then too little detail on things that matter, like character development. I am not sure why Brandon and Spencer fall in love...I don't really know anything about either of them. What do they like? I don't know. What do they look like? I only vaguely know. I know they are majorly attracted to each other, but other than that there is no connection to speak of. There are a ton of sex scenes, but they are pretty boring. The first one or two I was like okay, then I started skimming them as they were just boring to read. Then we have the surprise from the crazy ex girlfriend...not sure why that was not questioned more. I mean she is crazy, so why just take her at her word? I didn't get that at all. They are grown people, he is in his 30's, so he should know a thing or two. It was just ridiculous. It was obvious everything that would happen before it happened so no surprises. 

Overall just not a good book. Plus it just ends suddenly. I know there are two more books, but I won't be reading them. Usually I will read the following books just because I started the series might as well see what happens. Not this time. I don't even care enough to look up what the next two books would be about. I don't know why this book has so many high reviews - everything about it was bad. It seems like a story a teenager might write. Not good. 



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