Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

Perfect You


Kate Brown's life has gone downhill fast.

Her father has quit his job to sell vitamins at the mall, and Kate is forced to work with him. Her best friend has become popular, and now she acts like Kate's invisible.

And then there's Will. Gorgeous, unattainable Will, whom Kate acts like she can't stand even though she can't stop thinking about him. When Will starts acting interested, Kate hates herself for wanting him when she's sure she's just his latest conquest.

Kate figures that the only way things will ever stop hurting so much is if she keeps to herself and stops caring about anyone or anything. What she doesn't realize is that while life may not always be perfect, good things can happen -- but only if she lets them...


This book was horrible. I hated Kate. Hated her so much. Her whiny poor me I have the worst life ever!! was too much. I mean yeah she had some things that sucked happen, but geez louise. Look around you. Everyone else has awful things happening in their lives too, some worse than you. Can you think of anyone else for two seconds? No? Okay. Really the only reason I finished the book is because I couldn't sleep and was trying to read until I got tired. Kate was just horrible. Self centered whiny brat. I don't understand why she put up with Anna, why she was horrible to Will all the time and never let him say anything. I mean it was obvious he liked her, but no she had to be all he hates me! Poor me! I will never have a guy like me!! Shoot me now. 

Will and the grandmother were the only good characters in the book. Grandmother was supposed to be the villain of the story and everyone hated her. Why? Because she was an adult and tried to accept responsibilities? She thought of someone other then herself? Yes she shopped a lot, but she also tried to help out and actually spoke up about the selfish bs going on. She also is the one that magically got Kate to see that she is just thinking the worst about everyone all the time and doesn't even try to be happy. 

Will on the other hand...he deserves soooo much better than Kate. I don't know why he is with her. I don't know why she stuck around. I get the being mean to each other was kind of their thing and you can bond over that, but can't you see Kate is a self-centered nightmare? You deserve so much better. 

Rating: ★


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