Fatal Transaction by W. Richard Lawrence

Fatal Transaction


Sara, an expert computer hacker, knows better than to trust anyone-certainly not the powerful and crooked business mogul for whom she works. But there is no future for the life of a thief. Determined to find a way out, Sara devises a scheme to double-cross her employer and steal millions through one final fatal transaction. Desperate and on the run, she finds temporary sanctuary with the mysterious Derry Conway. As the FBI closes in and her former associates seek revenge, Sara tries to escape but finds all avenues blocked. Trapped, she sees only one road out-Derry must take the fall and pay for her crimes. But will it work? Is her freedom more important than the life of an innocent man? Or will Sara make the ultimate sacrifice to save those she cares about?


This was an interesting read. For the most part I enjoyed it and kept reading trying to see how everything would work out for Sara. I liked Derry as well and how he helped out even though he didn't know Sara. So the story starts off with Sara working on this credit card scam for the bad guy and she has no way out. She is making plans to run away and steal all of his money so she can try and not be killed once everything is implemented. Then of course there are lots of coincidences that lead the bad guys to learn that she is up to something and eventually she gets caught, beaten up, and saved by Derry who then helps her hide. It was really exciting reading it not knowing when something bad would happen. The bad guy Levy is really bad covered in a good guy disguise so no one would suspect him. It was a great set up. 

Once she gets rescued by Derry though there started to be some holes or things I didn't like. I still enjoyed it and just glossed over the things I didn't like, but they were still there. Like Sara is supposed to be super smart computer person, but at first she doesn't really do anything to try and make sure no one knows she is checking her email and bank info and such. I mean if it were me and I knew Levy had people who could do all kinds of things I would first try and make sure my computer was safe. Then she just keeps thinking she is safe where she is, there is no way they know who Derry is. Really? Why not? He was in a car..they couldn't track the plates? They didn't see him? I mean she doesn't know they didn't get the plate number so...just stuff like that. She was a little too everything is fine I don't have to worry he will just give up on me right? kind of thing. Then there was a scene where she suddenly tells her life story to Derry and his friends/neighbors which seemed very out of character for her. Why would she do that? With no lead up or real reason? It just didn't make sense. 

The other thing that just annoyed me slightly was the religious aspect. It wasn't too bad until the end when Sara realized that she wants Derry and his God's love. She will love God too all of a sudden. It just...I am not religious, and for the most part Derry being religious didn't matter and didn't bother me. The end though where it was all of a sudden she saw the light praise the lord was just too much. It wasn't horrible, but I did roll my eyes a little at it. Really the religious aspects weren't bad. 

Overall it was an entertaining read and it kept me engaged. I just wish Sara would have been a little smarter when she was hiding out, like she is supposed to be. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2


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