After Tuesday by Renee Ericson

After Tuesday


Family really is a pain…especially when your father is an addict.

For the last two years, high school senior Ruby has been her own rock and solace. She has learned to depend only on herself and hides her family's issues by keeping herself somewhat unnoticeable. Despite her isolation, Ruby has intrigued the affections of someone unexpected. Finding herself loving life once again as his persistence sparks a romance awakening a well-protected heart. 

While Ruby’s relationship with her father is constantly teetering, her new-found affection continues to blossom into something more than she ever thought possible. Soon, Ruby comes to realize that opening up your heart means being susceptible to love and disappointment.


This book was an odd read for me. I didn't ever believe that Brent actually liked Ruby. To me it read like the popular kids playing a mean joke on the unpopular kid. Like I kept waiting for Brent to be all gotcha! You didn't really think I liked you did you? I don't know why, but even at the end I was waiting for the break up (even if by that point it would have been a little late for it to be a joke). I kept waiting for her to meet someone else and it just never happens. I just didn't buy that they actually loved each other. I really don't know what it was, but when their relationship is a big part of the book it kind of makes the book not as good. 

I also didn't really like the dad's issues. Well obviously you shouldn't like that the dad is an addict, but it seemed too easy. Like she kept her dad hidden from everyone, and she had to go pick him up from the bar sometimes and she would complain about what it used to be like (which we never really got to see...) but it still didn't seem that bad. Like the parts we saw of her life with her father sucked, but not as bad as I would have assumed living with a drunk and drug addict father would be. I felt like it was too tame to be realistic, but maybe I just think it would be worse than it actually is. I don't know since I have never been in that situation, but it just felt tame to me. So overall it was just an so so book for me. 

Rating: ★ ★


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